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  1. Nylon Neck Lanyard

    SKU: 180
  2. Fox 40 Classic Pealess Whistles

    SKU: 170
  3. Break Away Neck Lanyard

    SKU: 180BA
  4. Fox 40 Mini Pealess Whistle

    SKU: 185
  5. Pro Elite Whistles

    SKU: 189
  6. Original Guard Infinity Whistle

    SKU: 176
  7. Fox 40 Mouth Grip Whistle

    SKU: 178
  8. Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Whistle

    SKU: 9203
  9. Woven Guard Lanyard

    SKU: 183L
  10. Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Whistle with Breakaway Lanyard

    SKU: 9203WL
  11. Mini Guard Infinity Whistle

    SKU: 175
  12. Brass Whistle

    SKU: 188
  13. Nylon Wrist Lanyards

    SKU: 184
  14. Lifeguard Oval Name Tag Breakaway Lanyard

    SKU: 181SL
  15. Acme Thunderer Whistle

    SKU: 60.5
  16. YMCA Custom Name Oval Tag Break Away Lanyard

    SKU: 181SYMCA
  17. Rubber Tip Whistle Guard

    SKU: 188R
  18. Oval Name Tag Breakaway Lanyard

    SKU: 181S
    $4.25 - $7.25
  19. Jr Guard Lanyard

    SKU: 183JR
  20. Original Guard Flare Mouth Grip Whistle

    SKU: 173RW
  21. Wrist Lanyard Coils

    SKU: 17912
  22. YMCA Guard Custom Name Tag Break Away Lanyard

    SKU: 181SYMCAG
  23. Staff Oval Name Tag Breakaway Lanyard

    SKU: 181SS

30 Items

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Whistles & Lanyards

Few pieces of equipment are as crucial to lifeguards as the guard whistle and lanyard. When lifeguards see someone in danger, using a whistle is the quickest way to get everyone’s attention and help the person in trouble. Lanyards always keep lifeguard whistles within easy reach and make sure the whistle can’t float away in the water.

Whistles and Lanyards for Lifeguards

Since the whistle and lanyard are so critical for lifeguards, not just any product will do. Both the whistle and lanyard have to be durable and work in and out of the water. The whistle also needs to be loud enough to be heard over swimmers and across long distances.

In 1883, whistles were developed with peas or small balls inside them to help carry sound over long distances. In 1985, the Fox 40 whistle was developed without the pea, promising to be more hygienic. This aspect is important for lifeguards, since the moisture that can get inside the whistle from hopping in the water and blowing the whistle often can create a breeding ground for bacteria. Pea-less whistles can be cleaned and are considered more hygienic.

Many lifeguard whistles are also pea-less because a pea inside the whistle is one more part that can break. Any breakage can be a disaster when lives are on the line.

Lifeguard whistles are typically tested both in and out of the water and produce clear, loud sounds in both environments. Some go up to 115 decibels (dB) so they can be heard over splashing water and numerous swimmers. Many lifeguard whistles also have simple designs consisting of durable materials, since a breakdown can be a serious danger.

Most lifeguard lanyards and whistles are plastic and made from materials that won’t rust or get damaged with frequent water exposure. Many whistles also have cushioned mouth guards to make them more comfortable for long shifts and frequent use.

Lanyards are crucial pieces of equipment because they can keep the whistle nearby and ensure it doesn't get lost. The Lifeguard Store also has breakaway lanyards. This type specifically ensures the lanyard does not entangle you if it catches on something. It's one extra detail to keep you and the people you protect safer.

Why Buy Your Whistles and Lanyards at The Lifeguard Store?

The Lifeguard Store was created specifically for lifeguards, and we’re serious about stocking the highest-quality whistles and lanyards to help you save lives. For your convenience, we offer free shipping on qualifying orders over $75 and low flat-rate shipping on most other orders. Our free exchange shipping, easy returns and customer satisfaction price guarantee can all bring you peace of mind when buying from us.

The Lifeguard Store is also committed to the lifeguard community, and we sponsor local and national initiatives supporting aquatic communities. When you shop with us, you’re supporting a business working to make a positive difference.

The Lifeguard Store has a huge selection of whistles, lanyards and other gear for lifeguards. We’re pleased to offer excellent customer service, so you can always contact us if you need help with an order.

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