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  1. Guard Sunglasses

    SKU: 425710G
  2. RISE Exclusive Guard Hat

    SKU: 633
    Sale Price $3.25 Regular Price $8.75
  3. RISE Guard Hat

    SKU: 698
    $5.00 - $10.00
  4. Guard Sunglasses

    SKU: 422132G
    Sale Price $10.00 Regular Price $16.75 - $19.00
  5. RISE Guard Safari Hat

    SKU: 198S
    $14.75 - $15.50
  6. Solid Baseball Hat

  7. RISE Staff Visor

    SKU: 691ST
  8. RISE Instructor Visor

    SKU: 691IN
  9. Guard Croakies

    SKU: SGH1
  10. Sandwich Bill Visor

    SKU: 691W
    Sale Price $4.75 - $9.75 Regular Price $9.75
  11. TYR Guard Hat

  12. TYR Guard Visor

  13. Flexfit Guard Visor

    SKU: 8777
  14. Guard Flexfit Trucker Hat

    SKU: 6511
  15. RISE Guard Stretch fit Hat

    SKU: 6377
  16. Guard Bucket Hat

    SKU: 699
  17. RISE Guard Hat

    SKU: 696
    $5.38 - $10.75
  18. RISE Guard Visor

    SKU: 691
  19. Guard Flexfit Mesh Hat

    SKU: 6378
  20. Guard Single Stripe Knit Beanie

    SKU: 6366
    Sale Price $6.00 Regular Price $12.00
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Shop lifeguard accessories from The Lifeguard Store. We have a wide variety of accessories you and your team need. In this collection, you will find a wide variety of lifeguard hats, visors, and sunglasses that help your team stay safe in the sun. Due to the long hours spent in the sun, buying lifeguard accessories online will help your team avoid sunburns and stay comfortable during shifts. Many of our lifeguard accessories are branded with identifiable guard symbols helping your staff remain easily identifiable to guests who may have questions or are seeking help. Our accessories are comfortable to wear and provide the perfect fit for everyone.

We provide high-quality accessories for lifeguards that work at public pools, recreation centers, beach clubs, and many other locations that provide lifeguards on-site. Many of our lifeguard accessories offer custom stitching, so you can add logos or additional text. We offer fast shipping and competitive prices to ensure you get quality gear as soon as you need it. We ensure a positive experience, and our team is always available to assist with any questions!

Buy lifeguard accessories online today and give your team the quality gear they need to perform their best every day!

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