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Choking Manikins

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  1. Simulaids Realistic Choking Manikins

    SKU: 100-1602-1
    $247.95 - $483.95
  2. Rescue Cathy

    SKU: 149-1350-1
    $252.95 - $341.90

4 Items

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As an individual or organization, it is important to be equipped with the skills and tools necessary to respond to such critical situations effectively, especially a choking hazard. That’s where lifeguard choking manikins come in handy. These incredibly versatile training devices provide invaluable practice opportunities that can benefit your team and ultimately save lives.

At The Lifeguard Store, we understand the importance of comprehensive training when it comes to choking situations. That’s why we offer an array of high-quality choking manikins designed to meet the needs of individuals and organizations. Our manikins are expertly designed to closely mimic the size, weight, and flexibility of a human body.


Different Types Of Choking Manikins At The Lifeguard Store

  • Simulaids Obese Mature Choker Manikin

    The Lifeguard Store understands that choking emergencies can happen to anyone, regardless of age or body size type. Our Simulaids Obese Mature Manikin is built to stimulate choking incidents in persons with larger body frames. This device is authentically designed to accurately fit the size, weight, and body proportion.

  • Simulads Realistic Choking Manikins

    Whether you’re running a lifeguard training program or other emergency response training programs, the Simulads Realistic Choking Manikins from The Lifeguard Store can be valuable for all teams learning. These devices resemble the appearance and feel of a real person, allowing trainees to understand how to respond to a choking emergency in a lifelike setting.

  • Simulaids Infant Manikin

    With correct landmarks, the Simulaids Infant Manikin is a valuable training tool for individuals who need to learn and perform resuscitating techniques. This device reveals the issues associated with foreign body obstruction in the infant pediatric age group.

  • Rescue Cathy

    The Rescue Cathy Manikin provides practical infant water rescue training for lifeguards and other emergency response groups. With a full body, this manikin sinks to the bottom when filled with water and can help with training in the situation that this may happen.

Order Now!

The Lifeguard Store is here to provide you with all training equipment that will help your team be prepared in stressful situations. Our choking manikins are realistic for all ages, body types, and situations that lifeguards may occur on duty. Shop our training gear today!

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