Swim Meet Sales

Let Us Set Up Your Meet

Earn some extra money for your team by letting The Lifeguard Store set up at your next swim meet. We bring a HUGE variety of product and brands to every meet we attend and we will pay your team a commission of the overall sales.

Swim Meet Consignment

The Lifeguard Store also allows you to earn extra money by sending you consignment packages of our best selling items to your next swim meet or event. After a brief consultation with you, we will customize your meet kit in accordance to the size of the event with items that we believe will sell best – all with no upfront costs to you.

If you are an The Lifeguard Store Sponsored team (as in you order your team caps and team suits with us) you will receive a greater amount of kickback for your team. You are able to receive this in the form of a credit as well to be used towards merchandise for your club. 

Here is how it works: the invoice you receive with the items we send will show a substantial discount from the retail (sticker) prices. You will sell the merchandise for the full retail price and make a profit on each item you sell. When the event is completed, send the remainder of the merchandise back to us and we will inventory the unsold items. Your final invoice will be calculated and you only pay for what you sold.

Call us today to find out more! Toll Free 1-800-846-7052.

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