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  1. Standard Guard Hip Pack

    SKU: 710
  2. Original Guard Tee

    SKU: 420CL
  3. Standard Guard Hip Pack Kit

    SKU: 710128-W
  4. Adult/Infant Guard Hip Pack Kit

    SKU: 710127-W-1
  5. Rescue Tube Key Chains

    SKU: 100M
  6. Original Guard Tank

    SKU: 426CL
  7. RISE Guard Tee

  8. YMCA Guard Dri-Fit Tee

    SKU: YMCA790GU
  9. RISE Guard Male Flex Short

  10. RISE Guard Visor

    SKU: 691
  11. Waterpark Guard Hip Pack

    SKU: 710AWL
  12. RISE Guard Poly H-Back

    SKU: LGS12GU
  13. RISE Guard Safari Hat

    SKU: 198S
    $11.62 - $17.00
  14. RISE Classic Guard Trunk

    SKU: LGS35GU
  15. Dri-Fit Guard Short Sleeve Tee

    SKU: 809S
  16. Seal Rite Mask with Guard Hip Pack Kit

    SKU: 710120
  17. RISE Guard Hat

    SKU: 696
  18. YMCA Guard 3-Pocket Hip Pack

    SKU: 710YMCA
  19. RISE Guard Poly Bikini

    SKU: LGS26GU
  20. Guard Hooded Sweatshirt

    SKU: 605HCL
  21. RISE Children's Rip Stop Life Vest

    SKU: 3004RS
  22. YMCA Guard Tank

    SKU: YMCA2200FG
  23. RISE Guard H-Back Poly Splice

    SKU: LGS16GU
  24. Standard Solid Hip Pack

    SKU: 710W

199 Items

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Discover unparalleled quality and performance with our exclusive collection of Rise lifeguard apparel and gear, available only at The Lifeguard Store. Our collection is meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards of lifeguards who stand at the forefront of aquatic safety. With a focus on durability, functionality, and comfort, Rise apparel and gear are designed to support lifeguards in their critical role, ensuring they are always ready to respond with confidence and efficiency.

Rise Lifeguard Apparel features cutting-edge designs in swimwear, including swimsuits, shorts, and T-shirts that cater to both men and women. Constructed from materials that offer superior resistance to chlorine and sun exposure, our apparel ensures long-lasting wear and protection. The fabric technology also includes quick-dry features and UV protection, keeping lifeguards comfortable and focused throughout their demanding shifts.

Available in a variety of sizes and vibrant colors, Rise apparel not only meets the practical needs of lifeguards but also promotes a professional and unified team appearance. In addition to apparel, our Rise Lifeguard Gear is essential for those who are committed to ensuring the safety of swimmers. From high-quality rescue tubes and cans to training aids and emergency medical devices, each piece of gear is designed for optimal performance in rescue scenarios. Our gear is rigorously tested to withstand the harsh conditions of aquatic environments, ensuring reliability when it matters most.

Choosing Rise lifeguard apparel and gear from The Lifeguard Store means selecting products that blend innovation with functionality. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every item we offer, ensuring that lifeguards are equipped with the best tools to perform their duties effectively. Our expansive selection is continually updated, keeping pace with advancements in lifeguard apparel and gear, so you can trust that you're getting the most current and effective products on the market.

At The Lifeguard Store, we understand the importance of quick and reliable access to lifeguard essentials. That's why we offer low flat rate shipping for speedy delivery and a customer satisfaction price guarantee, ensuring you receive the best value for your investment. Should you find a lower price elsewhere, we're committed to matching it.

Equip your lifeguard team with Rise lifeguard apparel and gear, where quality, performance, and style meet. Start shopping with us today and experience why The Lifeguard Store is the preferred choice for lifeguards dedicated to maintaining a safe and enjoyable aquatic environment.


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