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  1. RISE Guard Tee

  2. Original Guard Tee

    SKU: 420CL
  3. Dri-Fit Guard Long Sleeve Tee

    SKU: 809L
  4. Speedo Guard Male T-Shirt

    SKU: 781204
  5. Dri-Fit Guard Short Sleeve Tee

    SKU: 809S
  6. Attendant Tee

    SKU: 429
  7. Staff Tee

    SKU: 421
  8. Manager Tee

    SKU: 427
  9. Guard LS Tee

    SKU: 410
  10. Dri-Fit Instructor T-Shirt

    SKU: 809SIN
  11. Speedo Guard Men's Swim Tee

    SKU: 7812105
  12. Speedo Guard Women's Swim Tee

    SKU: 7812104
  13. TYR Guard Men's T-Shirt

    SKU: TMGN3
    Sale Price $14.25 Regular Price $23.75
  14. TYR Guard Women's T-Shirt

    SKU: TFGN3
    Sale Price $14.25 Regular Price $23.75
  15. TYR Guard Women's Short Sleeve

  16. TYR Guard Men's Short Sleeve Rashguard

  17. RISE Cotton Guard Tee

  18. Dri-Fit Exclusive Guard Long Sleeve Tee

    SKU: 435
  19. Dri-Fit Exclusive Guard Short Sleeve Tee

    SKU: 434
  20. Exclusive Guard Tee

    SKU: 433
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At The Lifeguard Store, we know what it’s like to find comfortable yet professional gear, like lifeguard tops and swim tops, for your lifeguard staff. We understand the need for clothing that allows guards to sit in the sun, climb up stands, and jump in for a rescue when needed. We offer a wide range of lifeguard T-shirt tops and other apparel items designed to keep your team identifiable and comfortable.

Why Shop Lifeguard T-shirts Top Apparel

Our Lifeguard T-shirts top apparel holds up well to frequent use and washing. The durable construction means no shrinking, warping, or peeling, even after being in rotation all season. Each lifeguard top & swim top in this collection provides comfort and mobility too. We know this is key during long shifts out in the sun. We offer sizes for every body type, from XS up to 5XL. No matter the size or shape you are searching for, we have a T-shirt that will fit your staff. The tailored cuts and stretchy, flexible fabrics allow a full range of motion to easily jump in for a rescue or hop down from the stand.

While function is most important, our lifeguard tops also have a stylish, professional design appropriate for lifeguards. The designs make your staff easy to identify and can be customized with your logos. They have a casual, athletic cut with lifeguard-specific details like cross logos. The variety of color options allows you to choose a classic red or something unique to your facility.


Place an Order at the Lifeguard Store Today

The Lifeguard Store is your one-stop shop for all your aquatic safety needs. Check out our wide selection of lifeguard tops & swim tops today. We always strive to add the latest lifeguard gear and apparel to ensure you have everything required for your staff and to protect swimmers at your facility!

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