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Fox 40 Whistles

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Fox 40 lifeguard whistles are lifeguards's choice for swimming pools and waterfronts. The harder you blow, the louder they sound!

  • A pealess whistle that is intense and penetrating.  Sound Power: 115 dB.
  • The Fox40 cuts through any crowd noise and can be heard over very long distances.
  • Chambers are designed to self-clear when submerged in water.
  • No moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate.  Louder than any other whistle.

Rise Above the Noise With Fox 40 Pealess Whistles in Bulk                

Whether or not swimmers hear a lifeguard’s whistle can be the difference between keeping someone safe and facing an emergency. Your lifeguards need whistles that will draw attention the moment they sound. The Fox 40 Classic Whistle responds to how hard the lifeguard blows, getting louder with more force. No one will be able to ignore this whistle, which can keep people safe by alerting them to risky activity.

You can purchase the Fox 40 pealess whistle in bulk, so you will have enough for your entire staff all summer. We offer a variety of colors to fit any style of lifeguard uniform, and you also benefit from not having a pea in the whistle. Peas get dirty and full of bacteria, and they can be difficult to clean. A pealess whistle is a far more practical choice. Get in touch today to buy them for your lifeguarding crew.


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