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  1. YMCA Guard Poly H-Back

  2. YMCA Standard Female Flex Short

    SKU: LGS25SY
  3. YMCA Guard Splice H-Back

    SKU: YMCALGS16-1
    $29.00 - $30.00
  4. YMCA Guard Poly MB Back

    SKU: YMCALGS15-1
  5. YMCA Poly H-Back

    SKU: YMCALGS12-2
  6. YMCA Splice H-Back

  7. YMCA Poly MB Back

  8. YMCA Instructor Poly H-Back

    SKU: YMCALGS12-1
  9. YMCA Instructor Poly MB Back

    SKU: YMCALGS15-2
  10. YMCA Instructor Splice H-Back

    SKU: YMCALGS16-2
    $29.00 - $30.00
  11. YMCA Guard Boardshort

  12. YMCA Guard Splice Board Short

    SKU: YMCALGS45-1
  13. YMCA Boardshort

    SKU: LGS30Y
  14. YMCA Splice Board Short

  15. YMCA Instructor Boardshort

    SKU: LGS30YI
  16. YMCA Instructor Splice Board Short

    SKU: YMCALGS45-2
  17. Kiefer YMCA Guard Essentials Powerback

    SKU: 919355
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YMCA Swimwear 

YMCA swimwear is branded swimwear for lifeguards working at the local YMCA. However, these swimsuits are also popular with lifeguards working at other pools and beaches. The swimsuits' high-quality construction, great colors and classic good looks make them a popular choice with lifeguards everywhere. YMCA swimsuits are also known for being very durable, even when exposed to chlorine, so they’re a great investment for lifeguards.

Why a YMCA Lifeguard Swimsuit?

Even if you’re not a YMCA lifeguard, suits by the company come in a range of colors and are designed to last. Some can last for over 200 hours of lifeguard shifts, making them incredibly valuable. These suits consist of polyester and spandex, making them comfortable all day long. They even last up to 10 times longer than other poly/spandex suits.

Additionally, a YMCA swimsuit offers UPF 50+ sun protection. If you’re working outside, your suit works alongside adequate shade and sunscreen to protect you even further from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. These swimsuits can even withstand exposure to salt, heat, sunscreen, oil and chlorine, making them ideal for hard-working lifeguards.

YMCA swimsuits have details lifeguards will appreciate, such as flat seams and comfortable fits. The pieces come in classic red and many other colors, which are formulated not to fade easily. This swimwear is also made to prevent chafing.

YMCA swim gear also includes swim shorts, made from a cotton/poly blend with slits to ensure breathability and full freedom of movement. Comfortable enough for workouts and your longest shifts, these swim shorts are great for coverups, added warmth and layering. YMCA board shorts are 100% sanded polyester for the highest durability. You can pair them with swimsuits or wear them as part of a workout or casual wear or even during instruction time.

Why Buy Your YMCA Lifeguard Swimsuit at The Lifeguard Store?

If you’re looking for a YMCA swimsuit, look no further than The Lifeguard Store. The Lifeguard Store is designed for lifeguards, meaning all our gear is right for the job. We provide quality products from the best brands. We vet what we offer, so you know you're getting genuine, high-quality YMCA swimsuits and other gear that can stand up to the pressure of saving lives.

The Lifeguard Store also respects your busy life. You can order from us in minutes online no matter where you are and get fast, affordable shipping to your home or workplace. You can order in bulk and even get free shipping on qualified orders over $75. With a customer satisfaction guarantee, hassle-free returns and excellent customer service, it’s easy to buy from The Lifeguard Store.

Because The Lifeguard Store is for people who care about water safety, we also support national and local aquatics initiatives. You make a difference by shopping with us.

We have a huge selection of swimsuits available, including YMCA swimsuits in different styles for men and women. If you're searching for other types of lifeguard gear, be sure to check out our full selection of items for all your needs.