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  1. Rocky Mountain Pump 32oz Sunscreen SPF 50

    SKU: 25070
  2. Rocky Mountain Pump 32oz Sunscreen SPF 30

    SKU: 10404
  3. Rocky Mountain Gallon Pump Sunscreen SPF 30

    SKU: 10104
  4. SunX SPF30 Sunscreen Wall Dispenser

    SKU: 71558
  5. Rocky Mountain Kiwi SPF 30 Lip Balm

    SKU: 20004L
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Lifeguards who work outside need protection from the sun. Though many employees wear hats and sunglasses, sunscreen is still an essential item. Even the most high-quality sunscreen requires frequent reapplication. 

At The Lifeguard Store, we offer various lifeguard sunscreen products in sizes from single-use packets to gallon pumps. Our team members have carefully vetted each item we sell to ensure you’re getting the best, most dependable sunscreen and related merchandise.

Order lifeguard sunscreen for you or all your lifeguard employees right now. If your order comes to $75 or more, you receive free, fast shipping as our thank-you gift.

What Sunscreen Do Lifeguards Use?

You can find plenty of sunscreen brands on the market. The best sunscreen for lifeguards offers several crucial characteristics:


  • High SPF: At our online store, we make sure our lifeguard sunscreens offer sun protection factors (SPFs) of at least 30. A higher SPF provides longer-lasting protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Application is still necessary every few hours, of course. However, a high SPF reduces lifeguards’ risks of developing sun-related cancers or premature age spots and wrinkles.
  • Moisturizing capabilities: Long days in the sun and in the pool are tough on the body, especially the skin. One way to counteract the drying effect of being outside in the elements is with a sunscreen that moisturizes. Moisturizing sunscreen feels good, too.
  • Sweat and water resistance: Lifeguarding involves constant activity and may include contact with water. Sunscreen must stay in place, even when it encounters perspiration and water from pools, lakes and oceans. High-quality sunscreen sticks to the skin for as long as possible, so we recommend finding a lifeguard sunscreen with staying power.
  • Free of fragrances: Although many people like the tropical or exotic smells of consumer-grade sunscreen, lifeguards want protection without aggravating their allergies or irritating their skin with fragrances. A sunscreen without added natural fragrances or chemicals is an excellent solution if you need to buy a product that your entire team can use.
  • Non-greasy formula: Many sunscreens make your skin feel greasy. Opt for a formula that feels light and fresh instead of sticky.
  • Long shelf life: When you buy large lifeguard sunscreen bottles, containers and pumps, you want them to keep working season after season. Many of our lifeguarding sunscreen varieties can protect for years, so they won’t expire before you can use them.


Lifeguards use whatever sunscreen they have available. Make sure you choose a dependable option for your team.

Buy Lifeguard Sunscreen and Other Great Products at The Lifeguard Store

Get ready for sunny weather  when you order lifeguard sunscreen and other items from The Lifeguard Store. Besides selling top-notch sunscreen, we carry sunscreen wall dispensers, gallon sunscreen wall brackets, lip balm, nose balm and other supplies.

Finding what you’re looking for is convenient when you shop at The Lifeguard Store. You’ll always get low prices and quick shipping. Plus, you can read about the merchandise we order and even look for other customers’ reviews to inform your choices.

Pick your lifeguard sunscreen selection now. Have questions? Contact our representatives for expert information.

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