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Hats & Visors

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  1. RISE Guard Stretch fit Hat

    SKU: 6377
  2. Guard Flexfit Trucker Hat

    SKU: 6511
  3. RISE Guard Hat

    SKU: 696
    $5.38 - $10.75
  4. TYR Guard Hat

    $9.17 - $9.17
  5. Guard Flexfit Mesh Hat

    SKU: 6378
  6. Solid Baseball Hat

  7. RISE Guard Hat

    SKU: 698
  8. RISE Guard Safari Hat

    SKU: 198S
    $11.63 - $15.50
  9. Guard Bucket Hat

    SKU: 699
  10. Guard Straw Hat

    SKU: 339
  11. RISE Guard Visor

    SKU: 691
  12. Flexfit Guard Visor

    SKU: 8777
  13. Jr Guard Visor

    SKU: 405
  14. TYR Guard Visor

  15. RISE Staff Visor

    SKU: 691ST
  16. RISE Instructor Visor

    SKU: 691IN
  17. Sandwich Bill Visor

    SKU: 691W
    $4.75 - $9.75
  18. Guard Single Stripe Knit Beanie

    SKU: 6366

18 Items

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Hats & Visors

The Lifeguard Store sells lifeguard hats and visors for every workday. Our hats and visors are stylish, practical and durable. Our products keep you looking great while shielding the sunlight from your eyes.

Your Lifeguard Hat Keeps You Safe and Comfortable

Lifeguards wear hats and visors to keep the sun out of their eyes and protect themselves from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. While sunscreen is still a must, a hat keeps you safer from the elements and lets you focus on saving lives. Hats can also keep you cooler by offering a layer of protection between you and the sun.

Your Lifeguard Hat Helps You Do Your Job

You can’t help people you can’t see, and a visor or hat lets you see more clearly by keeping the sun rays and glare out of your eyes. By shielding your eyes, hats and visors let you scan the surroundings with ease. As a lifeguard, you must be able to analyze your environment for any dangers. A proper hat lets you do so without any obstacles, even on sunny days.

Your Lifeguard Hat and Visor Can Save Lives

Many lifeguard hats and visors identify you as a lifeguard. When someone’s in trouble, a hat makes you easier to spot. If someone’s looking for help, they know where to find you. Lifeguard hats and visors also tend to come in various bright colors, making them easier to see in a crowded environment.

Hats and Visors for Lifeguards

While you can pick up hats and visors anywhere, gear for lifeguards tends to be bright and well-constructed by brands like RISE Aquatics, which focuses entirely on lifeguard needs. Their hats and visors are durable 100% cotton with secure stitching and adjustable straps to allow you to get the perfect fit. Some hats also consist of polyester to make them more water-resistant.

Bucket hats are another popular option for lifeguards. These often have mesh or ventilation to help keep you cool, even on hot shifts outside. A lifeguard bucket hat can also have a chin strap to ensure it won’t fly or float away while you’re doing your job.

Why Choose The Lifeguard Store for Your Visors, Hats and Other Gear?

If you need a lifeguard hat or visor, The Lifeguard Store can help. We offer convenient online shopping, great prices and fast delivery. To save you more, we provide either flat-rate or free delivery on qualifying orders over $75. With a customer guarantee and excellent customer service, we have you covered.

Our store is designed for lifeguards, so you won’t have to wade through general products to get to what you need. If it’s in our store, it’ll help you get through your shifts. You’ll also enjoy knowing we support national and local aquatic community causes. Working with us means you’re helping to keep our aquatic spaces available for humans now and in the future.

The Lifeguard Store has a huge selection of hats from the most respected brands. If you're seeking more equipment, check out our full selection of guard gear for all your needs.

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