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  1. RISE Solid Waterproof Jacket

    SKU: 9155
  2. RISE Guard Waterproof Jacket

    SKU: 9159
  3. RISE Guard Hoodie

  4. TYR Youth Alliance Podium Parka

    $124.99 - $132.99
  5. TYR Men's Alliance Podium Parka

    $124.99 - $132.99
  6. TYR Women's Alliance Podium Parka

    $124.99 - $132.99
  7. Arena Team Line Parka

    SKU: 1D355
    $150.00 - $158.00
  8. Nylon Guard Jacket

    SKU: 390
  9. Charles River Adult Solid Hooded Pullover

    SKU: 9905
  10. Speedo Color Block Parka

    SKU: 7201606
    $150.00 - $158.00
  11. Speedo Team Parka

    SKU: 7201306
    $125.00 - $133.00
  12. RISE Guard Splice Parka

    SKU: 7200030G
    $74.00 - $75.00
  13. Lifeguard Hoodie Basics Kit

    SKU: 1-SWEAT
  14. Guard Hooded Poncho

    SKU: 9709
  15. TYR Guard Men's Hoodie

  16. TYR Guard Women's Hoodie

  17. Guard Pullover Jacket

    SKU: 580
    $36.00 - $39.00
  18. Kiefer Guard Essentials Unisex Full Zip Hoodie

    SKU: 919622
  19. Kiefer Guard Essentials Unisex Outerwear Jacket

    SKU: 919520
    Sale Price $18.50 Regular Price $25.00
  20. Kiefer Guard Essentials Unisex Tech Jacket

    SKU: 919510
    Sale Price $13.50 Regular Price $34.95
  21. Kiefer Solid Unisex Guard Outerwear Jacket

    SKU: 900520
    Sale Price $13.50 Regular Price $29.00
  22. Kiefer Solid Unisex Guard Tech Jacket

    SKU: 900510
    Sale Price $13.50 Regular Price $22.00
  23. RISE Guard Zip Hoodie

    SKU: ZP605H
  24. Guard Hooded Sweatshirt

    SKU: 605HCL
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Quality Lifeguard Outerwear at The Lifeguard Store

As a lifeguard, you may be called to work indoors or outside. Why worry about cool, windy weather or unpredictable conditions? With our superior lifeguard outerwear, you always have the confidence to get the job done in comfort.

Check out our full lineup of men’s and women’s jackets, long-sleeved shirts and more. Every item we sell in our outerwear line has been tested in the real world. You’re always getting the best merchandise at a great price when you shop for gear, accessories and more at The Lifeguard Store.

A Wide Selection of Outerwear for Lifeguards

We’ve made sure our selection of lifeguard outerwear covers all the bases. Browse through our top-line merchandise and choose your perfect fit from the following apparel types:

  • Waterproof jackets: Water belongs in the pool, lake or ocean — not on your clothing while you’re lifeguarding. Our waterproof lifeguard jackets effectively repel moisture so you stay dry even on blustery days. If you’re looking for a regular jacket that’s water-resistant, you can find the perfect one at our online store.
  • Windbreaker jackets: Push back against those cooler gusts with a lifeguard windbreaker that doesn’t let in the chill. Windbreakers are terrific resources that you’ll use even when you’re not on duty.
  • Hoodies: What could be more versatile than having a zippered or standard hoodie when you’re lifeguarding outside? Hoodies come in handy any time of day or night. You’ll appreciate that ours feature the “Guard” label prominently and are constructed of super-soft materials.
  • Sweatshirts: When the breeze picks up or you’re just ending your lifeguard shift, throw on any of our lifeguard sweatshirts. Like all our outerwear, our sweatshirts are built to last.
  • Parkas: Give yourself the benefit of a little extra body coverage when you’re lifeguarding in a changeable outdoor setting. Parkas extend beyond the hipline to keep your legs from getting too much exposure. They’re engineered to be naturally warm so you don’t have to worry about feeling chilly during all-day swim meets or long lifeguarding shifts.
  • Ponchos: When you need quick, easy, all-torso coverage, reach for a poncho. Keep one in your gear for those unexpected showers or when you need an additional layer.
  • Tees: Sometimes, you just need the right T-shirt. Find long-sleeved and short-sleeved tee varieties made from premium fabrics.

Shop for Lifeguard Coats, Jackets and Other Outerwear Must-Haves

At The Lifeguard Store, we make finding and purchasing outerwear like lifeguard raincoats, hoodies and jackets a breeze. Lifeguards trust us because they know we take the lifeguarding lifestyle seriously. Plus, we always offer super-fast free (for orders over $75) or flat-rate shipping options — without any surprises!

Want to make an exchange or return? No problem! We give you 60 days to send back unused items. And if you have any questions, our customer service team is always available to help out. 

Get geared up for anything nature throws your way while you’re lifeguarding or after your workday ends. Be sure to leave a review after you receive your lifeguard outerwear so other customers know what to expect!