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Wrist Lanyard Coils

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RISE Aquatics

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Our Wrist Coil Lanyard is a convenient, flexible, and comfortable coil for your wrist or arm. The RISE Aquatics flex coils are made of high quality durable plastic with excellent spring-back memory.

  • Comfortable coil for your wrist or arm
  • Spring-back memory
Sold in assorted packs of 12

Favor Your Wrist With the Wrist Lanyard Coils

Lanyards are popular, but they can get caught on things as you move around. When lifeguarding, emergencies may arise and require swift action without delay. Lanyards present potential danger if they were to catch on something — they can pull you back and add extra time and effort before you can take care of the emergency. A wrist coil acts as the perfect alternative that does not get in the way of emergency action plans.

Wrist lanyard coils offer a solution for lifeguards who do not want to wear a lanyard around their neck. They also take away the danger of getting caught on an obstacle that might happen with a neck lanyard. For some, it is more comfortable to wear their whistle or ID card around their wrist as well. The wrist coils come in multiple colors to fit your personal preference. Choose what works best for you on the job with the wrist lanyard coils.

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