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  1. Speedo Guard Hipster

    SKU: 781107
  2. Speedo Guard Flyback

    SKU: 781101
  3. Speedo Guard Sport Bra Top

    SKU: 781105
  4. Speedo Guard Thin Strap Top

    SKU: 781106
  5. Speedo Guard Energy Back

    SKU: 781102
  6. Speedo Guard Super Pro

    SKU: 781100
  7. Speedo Female Guard Tankini Top

    SKU: 781104
  8. Speedo Female Guard Swim Short

    SKU: 781108
  9. Speedo Guard 14" Volley Short

    SKU: 7812103
  10. Speedo Guard Pro Lt Crossback

    SKU: 7812100
  11. Speedo Guard Classic Bottom

    SKU: 8003928
  12. Speedo Guard ProLT Super Pro

    SKU: 8003855
  13. Speedo Guard Racerback Bra Top

    SKU: 8003927
  14. Speedo Guard Endurance Flyback

    SKU: 8003853
  15. Speedo Eco ProLT Solid Super Pro

    SKU: 8002406
  16. Speedo Eco ProLT Flyback

    SKU: 8002405

16 Items

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In aquatic safety, the name Speedo is synonymous with reliability and excellence. Known for revolutionary innovations in swimwear, Speedo has created its legacy as the go-to brand for swimmers and lifeguards. Today, we're diving into the world of women's Speedo lifeguard swimsuits, a line specifically crafted to meet the demands of lifeguards who play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of swimmers at pools and beaches. 

Durability Meets Comfort 

When it comes to lifeguarding, the right swimwear is not just about looking professional; it's about durability and comfort. Speedo women's lifeguard swimsuits offer both. These items can withstand the daily rigors of chlorine or saltwater exposure. Furthermore, comfort is unparalleled, ensuring lifeguards can focus on their work without distraction. 

Innovative Features for Peak Performance 

Understanding lifeguarding challenges, Speedo uses cutting-edge technology in its women's lifeguard swimwear. Quick-drying fabrics are essential for long hours, providing comfort and preventing chafing. UV protection is another critical feature, guarding against harmful sun exposure during peak daylight hours. Moreover, Speedo's chlorine-resistant and stretch technology fabrics ensure each piece retains its shape and color, helping lifeguards look their best. 

A Range Designed for Visibility and Versatility 

Visibility is critical in emergencies. Speedo's lifeguard swimsuits, shorts, and T-shirts are red and white, ensuring lifeguards stand out. The collection caters to all body types with a wide range of sizes, guaranteeing every lifeguard finds their perfect fit. 

Your Trusted Partner in Lifeguard Gear

Choosing women's Speedo lifeguard swimsuits is more than a purchase; it is an investment in quality, safety, and confidence. Explore the collection at The Lifeguard Store and gear up with the best in the business today!

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