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Floats / Swim Aids

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  1. AquaJogger Classic Belt

    SKU: AP1-1
  2. RISE Fitness Float Belt

    SKU: 81950
  3. Speedo Junior Team Pull Buoy

    SKU: 7753025
  4. Speedo Team Pull Buoy

    SKU: 7753023
    Sale Price $14.99 Regular Price $14.99
  5. RISE Elite Pull Buoy

    SKU: 753253
  6. FINIS Axis Buoy

    SKU: 1.05.041
  7. RISE Universal Pull Buoy

    SKU: 69040
  8. RISE Fitness Jog Belt

    SKU: SWA002
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Floats and Swim Aids

Water aerobics swim aids range from wet vests, swim bar floats and pull buoys to jog belts and noodles at The Lifeguard Store. With more than 10 colors to choose and a variety of brands available, we have what you need.

What Can Water Aerobics Swim Aids Do for You?

The aerobic wet vest we supply supports you in deep water with its floatation panels built into the swimsuit-like apparel. No matter if you are using resistance weights or performing simple exercises, the wet vests will keep you afloat at a neck level. Fitness bar floats from The Lifeguard Store help keep you balanced and floating while practicing different strokes.

Swim aids such as pull buoys and jog belts are also available for purchase. Pull buoys improve your power and are often held between your thighs. They increase your arm and upper body strength since you only use your arms to pull you forward. Jog belts are ideal for low-impact workouts during your session in the deep water. They help increase your arm power, while also giving you the right amount of stability.

Buy Floats and Swim Aids

Wet vests, pull buoys or whatever you find most fit for your exercises can help support you in more ways than one. When you purchase any of our floats or swim aids, you will receive free shipping on orders of more than $75. If you are searching for other equipment, feel free to browse the rest of our online store.