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  1. Velcro Backboard Strap

    SKU: 10001BK
  2. RISE Head Immobilizer Replacement Kit

    SKU: 2075
  3. RISE Head Immobilizer Complete Kit

    SKU: 2072
  4. CJ Plastic Rescue Backboard (complete with head immobilizer)

    SKU: CJ6
  5. Rise 16" Spineboard Kit

    SKU: 860K
  6. Emergency Blanket

    SKU: ME1709SS
  7. Universal Head Immobilizer II

    SKU: 865A
  8. C.J. Wooden Backboard

    SKU: CJ1000
  9. RISE Wooden Backboard Kit

    SKU: 2080K
  10. Universal Head Immobilizer Base Plate

    SKU: 865OB-1
  11. RISE Replacement For Velcro Head Bed

    SKU: 2079
  12. Rescue 6 Replacement For Headbed Platform

    SKU: PR6-200
  13. Rise 16" Spineboard

    SKU: 860N-1
  14. RISE Body Strap Kit

    SKU: 2070
  15. Spineboard Mounting Bracket - Vertical

    SKU: 10-994

41 Items

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Durable Rescue Boards and Spinal Equipment at The Lifeguard Store

One of the biggest swimming risks is suffering a spinal injury. That’s why it’s so important for lifeguards to have the equipment they need to help stabilize and immobilize accident victims. 

At The Lifeguard Store, we carry a wide variety of rescue boards and more so you and your teammates can provide help with confidence. Every item has been engineered to hold up use after use. Buy your essential safety equipment from us today and know that you will always receive the best quality products.

A Complete Selection of Rescue Equipment

Why go to a dozen different places to find rescue equipment for your lifeguarding duties? We make it simple to find everything you need in one place:

  • Rescue backboard and spine board kits: These standard and floating backboards are designed to keep swimming incident victims from moving during a water rescue. Made from heavy duty plastic or wood, they contain no metal. This allows victims to be transported on the board right into x-ray and diagnostic testing. Don’t be fooled by how lightweight they are — these backboards can handle a substantial amount of weight.
  • Head immobilizers: Keeping a victim’s head from moving around after any type of water or poolside accident is vital. We offer universal backboard head immobilizers, as well as specialty ones such as our pediatric head immobilizer unit. Be sure to pick up an ACE collar, too.
  • Clips and straps: Why fiddle around with clips or straps when you only have moments to get someone in a secure position? We provide you with an assortment of specialty straps that universally work with most of our lifeguard rescue boards. 
  • Replacement kits and items: After a busy rescue operation, straps and even backboard head immobilizers can go missing. Having backups is essential so you know you can respond if another emergency occurs. You’ll find many replacements that come from the original manufacturers of your lifeguard rescue board, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Spine board stand: Made to be weather-resistant, our spine board stand helps you elevate any lifeguard backboard with ease. As an additional benefit, the spine board stand is both low-maintenance and produced using recycled plastic.
  • Water rescue tubes: Has your facility's lifeguard rescue tubes seen better days? Replace them with a more modern model, just in time for your upcoming waterpark or facility season. When you buy a rescue tube that’s long enough and built to last, you never need to worry about having the right combination of equipment when you only have seconds to offer potentially life-saving help.

Be Prepared for Anything With Lifeguard Rescue Boards and More

Water emergencies happen in a flash. Having a lifeguard backboard, head immobilizer and other accessories available can make all the difference. Place your order for this essential equipment today!

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