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  1. Kiefer Neoprene Aqua Gloves

    SKU: 650490
  2. AquaJogger Classic Belt

    SKU: AP1-1
  3. Kiefer Ankle/Wrist Weights

    SKU: 811400
    $16.95 - $24.95
  4. Kiefer Water Workout Dumbbells - Pair

    SKU: 650610
  5. Kiefer Silicone Webbed Swim Gloves

    SKU: 660100
  6. RISE Solid Poly MB Back

    SKU: LGS15
  7. Speedo Junior Team Pull Buoy

    SKU: 7753025
  8. Speedo Team Pull Buoy

    SKU: 7753023
  9. RISE Deluxe Fitness Bells

    SKU: 82540-1
    $18.95 - $19.95
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Water Aerobics

When you own or lifeguard a pool, competitions and recreational play are not the only things to consider. Other physical fitness classes involve the pool, especially water aerobics. Performed in shallow areas, water aerobics only involves movements within the waist-deep water — but it still requires proper equipment and safety measures.

Make Your Water Aerobics Sessions Safe and Enjoyable

Our water aerobics equipment at The Lifeguard Store offers floats and swim aids, weights and resistance tools, gym equipment and fitness swimwear. Whether your pool teaches swimming lessons for young children or classes for adults, we provide aerobic wet vests, swim bar floats and jog belts along with other equipment.

With weights and resistance tools like exercise balls and ankle weights, people can build up a tolerance and gain strength throughout each session. We even stock resistance hand bars and cuffs for additional training during water aerobics classes. Gym equipment for these classes encompasses storage options and exercise machines.

If you are searching for fitness swimwear for water aerobics, The Lifeguard Store allows you to find the perfect suit by shopping via color, suit style, brand and price. We make the process simple so you can find the correct swimsuit to keep you comfortable with each movement. Do you feel more comfortable in an aquitard instead of a one piece? We have the best choice for you.

Equipment for Water Aerobics From The Lifeguard Store

Purchase any of our water aerobics equipment or swimwear now and receive a low flat rate or free shipping on orders more than $75. You can also view additional products by clicking on the different tabs provided. Narrow your search to find what your class requires, helping you and your swimmers stay safe and well-prepared.

We guarantee you will obtain the best value for our products. If you are not satisfied, we accept all returns or exchanges for all non-custom items. With thousands of products in stock, we make sure to add new styles, colors and equipment whether you are a water aerobics swimmer, lifeguard or owner of a swimming facility.