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  1. Adult Water Rescue Manikin

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    $977.95 - $1,281.95
  2. Child Water Rescue Manikin

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  3. Simulaids Kim Kevin or Kyle Pediatric CPR Training Manikins

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Shop High-Quality Training Manikins at The Lifeguard Store

With the right training, lifeguards can become lifesavers. That’s why training manikins are so essential. They offer new and long-time lifeguards the opportunity to practice real-world skills like CPR and rescue drills in a lifelike simulation.

At The Lifeguard Store, we offer an extensive array of training manikins, dummies and related products, including:

  • CPR manikins: Being able to perform CPR effectively matters, especially when seconds count. Select from infant-sized, child-sized or adult-sized CPR manikins and manikin torsos. You’ll also find CPR training equipment to round out your CPR classroom kit, including a CPR monitor to provide immediate feedback.
  • Rescue manikins: Knowing how to retrieve someone from the water theoretically is one thing. Actually going through the motions is another. Bring all your rescue drills to life with full-size adult or child lifeguard training dummies. Every dummy features articulated joints to simulate an actual person in need of assistance.
  • Silhouette dolls: When someone is lying at the bottom of a pool, their silhouette may be slightly obscured. Use expertly designed silhouette dolls to help understand how to spot a swimmer in need.
  • Storage bags: Keep all your lifeguard mannequins and related items in our handy travel storage containers. Our bags make transporting manikins convenient and safe.
  • Manikin accessories: In addition to selling premium manikins and dummies, we are a one-stop shop for all the accessories you need for your upcoming training events. Shop face shields, face airways, lung-bags and more.

The Advantages of Our Swimming Mannequins 

At The Lifeguard Store, we take lifeguarding as seriously as you do. We know that you love your job and want to serve the people who count on you to protect them. That’s why we’ve made sure every one of our swimming mannequins meets incredibly high standards.

There are many benefits of ordering your training manikins from us:

  • Variety: We have manikins that look and feel like infants all the way up to ones that mimic very large adults. This allows you to make sure you’re ready to perform under any condition.
  • Quality: You want your training dummies to last for the long term. So do we. Our team makes sure that all the training mannequins we sell live up to your expectations.
  • Realism: A lifeguard training manikin shouldn’t just resemble a human body. It should also feel as realistic as possible. 
  • Versatility: Do you need to place an order for a single manikin or a handful of them? No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it at The Lifeguard Store.

Buy Lifeguard Training CPR Equipment and Dummies

Why wait to stock up on your training manikins? At The Lifeguard Store, we offer competitive pricing on all our training manikins and accessories. Buy with confidence and get fast shipping, plus no-hassle returns and exchanges on unused, new items within 60 days of purchase.

Being ready for any emergency is part of a lifeguard’s job. Make sure you and your team have all the skills you need to jump in and provide a helping hand.