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The Fox 40 Classic whistle with Mouthguard has set the industry standard for its intense tone that can cut through noise over long distances. These lifeguard whistles have a cushioned mouthguard for superior grip and protection of the teeth.

  • 3-chamber pealess with mouthguard design.  Sound power:  115dB
  • Fox 40 Classic Whistle with mouthguard is has a cushioned mouth grip for greater durability!
  • A whistle with an intense, penetrating tone
  • The Fox 40 cuts through crowd noise and can be heard over long distances
  • It cannot be over-blown.  The Fox 40 has no pea to collect dirt and bacteria
  • Wet or dry, this dependable, durable lifeguard whistle provides unmatched safety

Buy a Whistle With Mouth Grip That Will Draw Swimmers’ Attention

Lifeguards don’t have any time to waste when they need to alert people to possible danger. One sharp tweet on their whistle should be enough to draw all eyeballs on the beach or in the pool to their chair. Giving your lifeguards the right tool for the job is an essential part of water safety — and the Fox 40 Whistle With Mouth Guard is that tool they need.

The whistle emits a loud noise with strong sound power. Plus, this pealess whistle with mouth grip won’t become a breeding ground for bacteria. You can clean it quickly and easily. The mouth guard makes it more comfortable for your lifeguards, and it will work wet or dry. The Fox 40 Whistle With Mouth Grip comes in a variety of colors as well to match your uniforms. Order today to equip your lifeguards with a fantastic whistle. 

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