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  1. 50" Limited Edition Pink Rescue Tube

    SKU: 100PAP
  2. 40" Standard Rescue Tube

    SKU: 112
  3. 50" Standard Rescue Tube

    SKU: 100
  4. 50" Rescue Tube Jacket

    SKU: 702-50
  5. 50" Mesh Rescue Tube

    SKU: 100MESH
  6. 40" Rescue Tube Jacket

    SKU: 702-40
  7. 40" Mesh Rescue Tube

    SKU: 112MESH
  8. Rescue Tube Sleeve

    SKU: 115
  9. 53" Cut Away Rescue Tube

    SKU: 110
  10. 40" YMCA Rescue Tube

    SKU: 112YMCA
  11. 50" Tie Dye Rescue Tube

    SKU: 100TD-1
  12. 50" Orca Rescue Tube

    SKU: 100OR
  13. 40" CPR Lifeguard Rescue Tube

    SKU: 620047
  14. YMCA Guard Rescue Tube Sleeve

    SKU: 115RYMCA
  15. 28" Kiefer Rescue Can

    SKU: 7130R
  16. Guard of the Week Tube

    SKU: 100RGOW
  17. Jr. Guard 40" Rescue Tube

    SKU: 112JR
  18. Jr. Guard Tube Sleeve

    SKU: 115JR
  19. Kiefer 40" YMCA Lifeguard Rescue Tube

    SKU: 620042

25 Items

Set Descending Direction
per page

Rescue Tubes

The Lifeguard Store carries all the accessories lifeguards need to do their jobs effectively. Our inventory of lifeguard equipment and apparel — which come from the top brands you know and love — is designed for use at the beach, waterpark, deck or pool. 

You can equip yourself and prepare for the unexpected with your choice of our lifeguard rescue tubes — all while enjoying the convenience of buying from a leading online lifeguard source and experiencing the best rates. 

Keep Swimmers Safe This Summer With Lifeguard Float Tubes

Undoubtedly one of the most important lifeguard accessories, rescue tubes keep both lifeguards and victims safe during rescue situations. Regardless of the water setting, lifeguards can often face vulnerable situations when trying to rescue a drowning person, especially if the individual is struggling or flailing around in the water. 

You need to be prepared and equipped with rescue flotation equipment to keep yourself and the victim afloat and safe until you get out of the water. In these situations, you want high-quality and dependable tubes, such as those made of durable vinyl. 

About Our Rescue Tubes

At The Lifeguard Store, our lifeguard float tubes are made out of multiple layers of high viscosity vinyl. This ensures that the tubes do not easily tear or puncture.

You can use the double strap that goes all the way through the rescue tube to keep it secure and easily attach it to yourself when you're on guard. When rescue situations occur, you'll appreciate the tube's rounded edges and tapered ends, which will help you easily pull it through the water as you swim to the victim and perform lifesaving maneuvers. 

While our rescue tubes come in the standard red color with the word "GUARD" displayed prominently on the front, you can also choose from a range of other options, including pink, aqua, orange and navy. For a fun touch, pick a pattern such as tie-dye or animal print. 

Browse Our Extensive Collection of Rescue Tubes

While we carry the standard 40-inch lifeguard rescue tube, we also have a range of other styles and sizes designed for different users and situations. On our online store, you'll find super rescue tubes and options designed specifically for the YMCA or delivering CPR.

In addition to our regular cuts, we also have cutaway styles and tubes designed specifically for junior lifeguards. If you want to recognize a lifeguard who's doing an outstanding job, The Lifeguard Store offers a specialty "Guard of the Week" tube

Lifeguard Accessories for Your Rescue Tube

In addition to our rescue tube collection, you'll also find plenty of accessories, including: 

Order Your Rescue Tube Today

Regardless of which lifeguard rescue tube you choose, The Lifeguard Store guarantees that you'll be 100% satisfied with your purchase. From offering flat rate shipping and free shipping on orders over $75, we provide customer service you'll love. 

Get your rescue tubes today and keep swimmers safe while they enjoy some fun in the sun. 

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