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  1. Speedo Guard Hipster

    SKU: 781107
  2. Speedo Guard Flyback

    SKU: 781101
  3. Speedo Guard Sport Bra Top

    SKU: 781105
  4. Speedo Guard Volley Short

    SKU: 781200
  5. Speedo Guard Thin Strap Top

    SKU: 781106
  6. Speedo Guard Female Short with Stretch Waistband

    SKU: 781111
  7. Speedo Guard Energy Back

    SKU: 781102
  8. Speedo Guard 21" Boardshort

    SKU: 781202
  9. Speedo Guard Super Pro

    SKU: 781100
  10. Speedo Female Guard Tankini Top

    SKU: 781104
  11. Speedo Guard Quark Splice Pulse Back

    SKU: 781103
  12. Speedo Guard Male T-Shirt

    SKU: 781204
  13. Speedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Bag

    SKU: 7520118
  14. Speedo Female Guard Swim Short

    SKU: 781108
  15. Speedo Ventilator Mesh Bag

    SKU: 7520119
  16. Speedo Guard 14" Volley Short

    SKU: 7812103
  17. Speedo Swim Star Life Vest

    SKU: 87757015
  18. Speedo Fitness Barbells

    SKU: 753645
  19. Speedo Guard Pro Lt Crossback

    SKU: 7812100
  20. Speedo Guard Men's Swim Tee

    SKU: 7812105
  21. Speedo Guard Classic Bottom

    SKU: 8003928
  22. Speedo Guard Women's Swim Tee

    SKU: 7812104
  23. Push Plate Sculpt

    SKU: 7753105
  24. Speedo Women's Hydrocomfort Goggle

    SKU: 7750617
    $25.00 - $29.50

35 Items

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At The Lifeguard Store, we take pride in offering an extensive collection of Speedo lifeguard apparel and gear, meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of lifeguarding. Our commitment is to ensure that lifeguards are equipped with the highest quality apparel and gear that not only enhances their performance but also ensures their comfort and safety throughout their duty.

Speedo's reputation for excellence in swimwear extends to its lifeguard collection, offering unparalleled durability, comfort, and style. Designed with the unique challenges of lifeguarding in mind, Speedo lifeguard apparel includes a range of swimsuits, board shorts, and T-shirts. Each piece is crafted from high-performance materials that resist chlorine, retain shape, and provide UV protection, ensuring that lifeguards look professional and feel comfortable, even during long hours at the pool, beach, or waterpark.

In addition to apparel, our Speedo lifeguard gear is second to none. From rescue tubes and cans to training equipment and first aid kits, Speedo gear is designed for quick and efficient rescue operations. These essentials are engineered for durability and reliability, ensuring that lifeguards have the tools they need to respond to emergencies confidently and effectively.

Shopping at The Lifeguard Store for Speedo lifeguard apparel and gear means you're not just purchasing products; you're investing in the safety and well-being of swimmers and guests under your watch. Our selection is constantly updated to include the latest innovations and styles from Speedo, ensuring that your lifeguard team is always equipped with the best.

Why choose The Lifeguard Store for your Speedo lifeguard apparel and gear? Because we understand the importance of quick access to high-quality lifeguard essentials. Our low flat rate shipping ensures that your gear arrives swiftly, and our customer satisfaction price guarantee offers peace of mind, knowing you're getting the best value for your investment. Should you find a lower price elsewhere, we’ll make it right.

Equip your lifeguards with the best in the industry. Choose Speedo lifeguard apparel and gear from The Lifeguard Store, where quality meets performance and style. Begin your shopping experience with us today and see why we are the premier destination for all your lifeguard needs.


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