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  1. RISE Team Parka

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  2. RISE Guard Splice Parka

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  3. Speedo Color Block Parka

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  4. TYR Youth Alliance Podium Parka

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  5. TYR Women's Alliance Podium Parka

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Parkas for Lifeguards

As a lifeguard, you always need to be well prepared to attend to any situation that may require your attention in the pool. Shivering on a cool day can cause you to be less alert than you should be, which is why our lifeguard parkas are the perfect uniform addition for any lifeguard. These large coats can keep you warm on a chilly day and are easy to take off so you can attend to any action necessary, without delays.

Lifeguard parkas are waterproof long coats that feature an oversized hood and warm lining. Usually, the materials of parkas for lifeguards absorb moisture and keep lifeguards, competitive swimmers, or a leisure swimmer, warm and dry. A swim parka usually has large pockets to keep your belongings like goggles and swim caps safe. The length and design of lifeguard parkas are to ensure a majority of your body is covered when conditions may be colder outside of the pool.


How Important Parkas Are For Lifeguards?

Staying warm is essential for lifeguards to stay alert, but they don’t have the time to unzip and unbutton a jacket if someone is in danger. This is why all lifeguard parkas have been specially designed so that they may be easily taken off. When they need to dive into the water, a lifeguard can shed a lifeguard parka much faster than a normal jacket or sweatshirt.

Choosing The Best Parkas For Lifeguards

Thinking about getting new lifeguard parkas for an individual or team? Here are some design aspects you should be considering for optimal comfort, warmth, and safety:


Most lifeguard parkas come with either fleece or faux fur lining. Parkas with fleece lining can be worn wet, straight out of the water, but faux fur lining is best for spectators, lifeguards, and coaches who only wear parkas when they're dry. 


Typically, parkas have two side pockets, but some of the latest models offer media pockets, goggle storage, and inner pockets. These models are also great for carrying phones, notepads, whistles, radios, and anything else a lifeguard may need when on duty.


If you want to avoid overheating, get parkas that offer plenty of ventilation. Our team suggests to look for parkas for lifeguards with underarm vents and back flaps to ensure extra air circulation. 


Some parkas can be customized to accommodate custom embroidery and a color of your choosing. This is useful when organizations seek parkas in specific colors or designs for their lifeguards, coaches, and swimmers. 

Lifeguard Parkas at The Lifeguard Store

The Lifeguard Store offers high quality, high durability parkas for lifeguards, coaches, and teams. Our designs are created to keep everyone comfortable and warm, but alert and ready at all times. Contact our team today to customize and order your lifeguard parka today!

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