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  1. Seal Rite Mask Kit

    SKU: 120
  2. Standard Pocket Mask

    SKU: 128
  3. Standard Guard Hip Pack Kit

    SKU: 710128-W
  4. Adult/Infant Soft Case Pocket Mask Kit

    SKU: 127SC
  5. Adult/Infant Guard Hip Pack Kit

    SKU: 710127-W-1
  6. Soft Case Pocket Mask

    SKU: 120MM
  7. Adult/Infant Pocket Mask Kit

    SKU: 127
  8. Waterpark Guard Hip Pack Kit

    SKU: 710AWL128-W-1
  9. Adult/Infant Pocket Mask Kit without Case

    SKU: 127-W
  10. Standard Pocket Mask without Case

    SKU: 128-W
  11. Seal Rite without one way valve

    SKU: 121
  12. Adult Bag Valve Mask

    SKU: 130
  13. Adult Non-rebreather Mask

    SKU: 1059
  14. Seal Rite One-Way Valve

    SKU: 122
  15. Infant Pocket Mask Kit

    SKU: 129
  16. Infant Bag Valve Mask

    SKU: 134
  17. Child Bag Valve Mask

    SKU: 132
  18. Child Non-rebreather Mask

    SKU: 1058
  19. Adult Bag Valve Mask

    SKU: 845211
  20. Philips Oxygen Adapter

    SKU: 989805609241
  21. Infant Bag Valve Mask

    SKU: 845231
  22. 7 ft. Oxygen Tubing

    SKU: 1115
  23. Child Bag Valve Mask

    SKU: 845221

32 Items

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The Lifeguard Store is your one-stop shop for all types of rescue equipment masks. At The Lifeguard Store, we offer a wide range of CPR masks for lifeguards designed to ensure a snug fit and prevent water from slipping in. They provide superior breathability and protection. With a lightweight design, our CPR masks are easy to use at a moment’s notice.

Our CPR Masks

CPR pocket masks are a must-have equipment for any lifeguard. This device is used during Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation to minimize the need for mouth-to-mouth contact between the rescuer and the patient.


This mask features a one-way valve to allow the released air to be transmitted from the patient to the rescuer without contact with the patient’s nose, mouth, or face. Also known as a one-way CPR mask, the pocket mask mainly functions as a barrier in the event that fluids such as vomit escape from the patient’s mouth.

What are The Benefits of CPR Masks?

  • Enhanced safety: One of the most important benefits of CPR masks is enhanced safety. They provide a barrier that helps prevent contact with potentially contaminated fluids and air. As a result, it helps reduce the risk of infection or cross-contamination.
  • Easy to use: Our CPR masks are expertly designed to fit easily over the mouth and nose, which helps improve comfort and efficiency. This can also help reduce barriers and the risk of further injury.
  • Decreased stress: These masks can reduce stress on both the victim and your lifeguarding crew. They minimize the risk of the rescuing person being splashed with bodily fluids, reducing the chances of infection or cross-contamination.

Shop CPR Masks at The Lifeguard Store

Whether you are looking for a standard pocket mask, a seal mask, or a complete adult or infant pocket mask kit, we have everything you need at The Lifeguard Store. Contact us today to place your order!

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