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  1. RISE Guard H-Back Reversible

    SKU: LGS18GU
  2. RISE Guard Poly H-Back

    SKU: LGS12GU
  3. RISE Manager Poly H-Back

    SKU: LGS12M
  4. RISE Guard Poly Color Trim H-Back

    SKU: LGS64GU
    Sale Price $27.38 Regular Price $36.50
  5. RISE Guard Poly Tri Color H-Back

    SKU: LGS92GU
  6. RISE Guard/Instructor H-Back Reversible

  7. RISE Guard Poly MB Back

    SKU: LGS15GU
  8. RISE Supervisor Poly H-Back

    SKU: LGS12SU
  9. RISE Guard H-Back Poly Splice

    SKU: LGS16GU
  10. RISE Guard Solid Poly Scoop Back

    SKU: LGS67GU
    Sale Price $28.13 Regular Price $37.50
  11. RISE Staff Poly H-Back

    SKU: LGS12ST
  12. RISE Instructor Poly H-Back

    SKU: LGS12I
  13. RISE Guard MB Back w/Shelf Bra

    SKU: LGS11GU
  14. TYR Guard Women's Durafast One Diamondfit Swimsuit

    SKU: DDG7
    Sale Price $37.79 - $59.49 Regular Price $59.49 - $62.99
  15. TYR Guard Women's Mantra Cutoutfit Swimsuit

    SKU: CDGM7
    Sale Price $37.05 Regular Price $61.75
  16. TYR Guard Women's Durafast One Maxfit Swimsuit

    SKU: MDG7
    Sale Price $37.79 - $59.49 Regular Price $59.49 - $62.99
  17. TYR Guard Women's Durafast One Crosscutfit TieBack Swimsuit

    SKU: TCG7
  18. TYR Guard Women's Durafast One Cutoutfit Swimsuit

    SKU: CDG7
    Sale Price $37.79 - $59.49 Regular Price $59.49 - $62.99
  19. Speedo Guard Flyback

    SKU: 781101
  20. Speedo Guard Super Pro

    SKU: 781100
    Sale Price $30.78 - $48.60 Regular Price $48.60
  21. Speedo Guard Energy Back

    SKU: 781102
  22. Speedo Guard Pro Lt Crossback

    SKU: 7812100
  23. Dolfin Poly Guard DBX Back

    SKU: 9582C
  24. Dolfin Guard HP Back

    SKU: 7515LG
    Sale Price $24.99 Regular Price $45.60
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26 Items

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At the Lifeguard Store, we know how important it is to have functional, comfortable gear that helps your staff to perform their duties at your swimming pool or recreation center effectively. We have one-piece lifeguard swimwear options for both men and women in various sizes, all at affordable prices.

Advantages of Our Guard Style One-piece Swimwear for Lifeguards

At the Lifeguard Store, we understand that lifeguards, managers, and other staff at your swimming pool or recreational center should be easily recognizable while on duty. For this reason, we stock quality guard-style one-piece swimwear designed to stand out with its vibrant colors and bold "GUARD," “INSTRUCTOR,” or “MANAGER” lettering. Each one-piece lifeguard swimwear item is made from high-quality, durable materials. These one-piece swimsuits offer a snug fit and excellent support that allows you to move freely and confidently.

Lifeguards need gear that can withstand frequent exposure to chlorine and sun while keeping comfortable during long shifts. Our guard style one-piece swimwear is made of high-quality fabrics perfect for the job. The swimsuits hold up well to repeated exposure but are also breathable. The fabrics in this collection won’t fade, pill, or break down over time, even with heavy use.


Order Guard Style One-piece Swimwear for Lifeguards at The Lifeguard Store

Whether responding to emergencies or just sitting in the sun, The Lifeguard Store’s one-piece lifeguard swimwear will keep your staff comfortable, prepared, and focused on the task at hand - helping ensure the safety of swimmers. Check out our collection today!

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