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  1. RISE Guard Splice Flex Board Short

    Sale Price $18.90 - $31.50 Regular Price $30.00 - $31.50
  2. RISE Classic Guard Trunk

    SKU: LGS35GU
  3. RISE Manager Boardshort

    SKU: LGS30M
  4. RISE Supervisor Boardshort

    SKU: LGS30SU
  5. RISE Staff Boardshort

    SKU: LGS30ST
  6. RISE Guard Flex Short

    Sale Price $17.40 - $31.50 Regular Price $29.00 - $31.50
  7. RISE Guard Male Flex Short

  8. Kiefer 4-Way Stretch Male Lifeguard Board Short

    SKU: 939210
    Sale Price $12.80 Regular Price $29.95
  9. Kiefer 4-Way Stretch Unisex Lifeguard Deck Short

    SKU: 939200
    Sale Price $11.75 - $28.50 Regular Price $28.50
  10. Kiefer 4-Way Stretch Male Cargo Lifeguard Short

    SKU: 939220
    Sale Price $11.75 Regular Price $28.95
  11. Speedo Guard 21" Boardshort

    SKU: 781202
    Sale Price $23.76 Regular Price $39.60
  12. Speedo Guard Volley Short

    SKU: 781200
  13. TYR Guard Tahoe Challenger Trunk

    Sale Price $28.50 Regular Price $47.50
  14. TYR Guard Men's Solid Lake Front Land to Water

    Sale Price $28.50 Regular Price $47.50
  15. TYR Guard Men's Aero Trunk

    Sale Price $22.79 Regular Price $37.99
  16. TYR Guard Men's Challenger Swim Short

    Sale Price $22.79 Regular Price $37.99
  17. TYR Guard Men's Deck Short

    Sale Price $17.10 Regular Price $28.50
  18. RISE Instructor Boardshort

    SKU: LGS30I
  19. RISE Solid Male Flex Short

    SKU: LGS30S
  20. RISE Solid Classic Trunk

    SKU: LGS35
  21. RISE Solid Splice Board Short

    SKU: LGS45S
    Sale Price $18.00 - $30.00 Regular Price $28.50 - $30.00
  22. RISE Solid Waterpark Board Short

    SKU: LGS37
    Sale Price $10.00 Regular Price $20.00 - $21.00
  23. Dolfin Guard Male Board Short

    SKU: 9780PG
  24. Men's Nike Swim Guard 9" Volley Short

    SKU: NESSA032
    Sale Price $24.50 Regular Price $46.40 - $58.00
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Men's Lifeguard Board Shorts

When you’re lifeguarding, you want the ultimate in comfort. Our board shorts are the perfect fit for male lifeguards anywhere. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, the men’s lifeguard board shorts you’ll find at The Lifeguard Store are designed for style and built to last.

Order male lifeguard shorts today and get the most affordable prices on the gear you need to do your job. 

Different Types of Men’s Board Shorts

All board shorts offer a similar fit and design. Longer than traditional swim trunks, board shorts give great coverage. Yet not all board shorts are exactly the same. 

What types of differences will you notice when browsing through our selection of male lifeguard board short apparel? Be sure to look out for:


  • Length: Board shorts will always have a longer leg length, but the actual length depends on the cut. You’ll discover that some men’s lifeguard board shorts extend to around the knee. Others rise a little higher. Be sure to look at each product’s specifications to find the right length for your body shape, leg length and preferences.
  • Waistband: The waistband on board shorts is important for holding the shorts snugly and securely at the waist. Waistbands can be elastic, drawstring or a combination of both. Choose the one that looks and feels best.
  • Logos: Many of our men’s lifeguard board shorts feature some type of official logo to indicate your lifeguarding position. If you’re a manager or instructor, you’ll be able to find board shorts that showcase your role.
  • Fabrics: You want fast-wicking, breathable, reliable material from all your board shorts. We have a diverse fabric selection, and we only sell the highest-quality men’s lifeguard board shorts at The Lifeguard Store.

It’s time to enjoy every lifeguarding shift just a little bit more. Forget about worries related to shorts that don’t fit right or feel like they’re about to fall off. Trust all the male lifeguard board shorts you find here — and remember that some of our lifeguard board shorts have a more unisex fit which can be suitable for anyone.

Buy Male Lifeguard Board Shorts Today

When it’s time for a new pair of male lifeguard shorts, visit our online store. We promise no-hassle delivery, great shipping rates and top-notch customer service. Be sure to check out all the other great lifeguarding, swim and pool products and equipment we sell!


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