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  1. RISE Guard Female Flex Short

  2. RISE Female Solid Board Short

    SKU: LGS29
  3. RISE Guard Female Roll Short

  4. RISE Guard Flex Waterpark Board Short

    SKU: LGS31GU
  5. Kiefer 4-Way Stretch Unisex Lifeguard Deck Short

    SKU: 939200
  6. RISE Solid Female Flex Short

    SKU: LGS33S
  7. Dolfin Guard Water Short

    SKU: 9060NG
  8. Speedo Guard Female Short with Stretch Waistband

    SKU: 781111
  9. RISE Guard Female Board Short

    SKU: LGS29GU
  10. RISE Guard Female Flex Short

  11. RISE Solid Female Flex Short

    SKU: LGS25S
  12. RISE Female Comfy Short

    SKU: LGS44S
  13. Speedo Female Guard Swim Short

    SKU: 781108
  14. RISE Solid Flex Waterpark Board Short

    SKU: LGS31
  15. RISE Staff Female Flex Short

  16. TYR Guard Women's Mantra Della Boyshort

  17. RISE Supervisor Female Flex Short

  18. TYR Guard Women's Durafast One Della Boyshort

  19. RISE Manager Female Flex Short

  20. RISE Manager Flex Board Short

    SKU: LGS31MA
  21. RISE Instructor Female Flex Short

  22. RISE Supervisor Flex Board Short

    SKU: LGS31SU
  23. Kiefer Guard Essentials Ladies Board Short

    SKU: 919100
  24. RISE Instructor Flex Board Short

    SKU: LGS31IN

25 Items

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When you're on lifeguard duty, feeling comfortable is crucial. Our women's lifeguard board shorts offer the ideal fit for female lifeguards in any setting. With a wide range of colors and sizes, the women's lifeguard board shorts collection at The Lifeguard Store combines fashion with durability.

A Wide Range Of Women's Lifeguard Board Shorts

Board shorts have a similar fit and design, providing more coverage than traditional swimwear. However, there are noticeable differences in our selection of women's lifeguard board shorts:

  • Length- Although board shorts are known for their longer length, the exact measurement depends on the cut. Some women's lifeguard board shorts reach around the knee, while others are slightly shorter. Check each product's specifications to find the ideal length for your body shape, leg length, and preferences.
  • Waistband- The waistband is crucial in keeping board shorts secure and comfortable. When you browse our collection of lifeguard shorts for women, you will find drawstring, elastic, or a combination of both. Choose the type that offers the best fit and feel for you.
  • Logos- Most of our women's lifeguard board shorts feature official lifeguard logos, signifying each lifeguard’s role. If you are a supervisor or instructor, you can find board shorts that also highlight your position.
  • Materials- Your board shorts should be made of quick-drying, breathable, and durable fabrics. We offer a wide range of materials and only sell top-quality women's lifeguard board shorts at The Lifeguard Store.

Upgrade your lifeguarding experience with a pair of comfortable, well-fitting board shorts. You will say goodbye to concerns that may come with a swimsuit!

Buy Lifeguard Shorts For Women Today

When you need a new pair of women's lifeguard shorts, look no further than The Lifeguard Store. We guarantee hassle-free delivery, affordable shipping rates, and excellent customer service. Shop our collection today!

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