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  1. RISE Solid Long Sleeve Crew Neck Rashguard

    SKU: 2604
  2. RISE Guard Long Sleeve Crew Neck Rashguard

    SKU: 2604GU
  3. RISE Guard Short Sleeve Crew Neck Rashguard

    SKU: 2600GU
  4. RISE Solid Short Sleeve Crew Neck Rashguard

    SKU: 2600
  5. RISE Instructor Short Sleeve Crew Neck Rashguard

    SKU: 2600IN
  6. RISE Guard Long Sleeve Rashguard

    SKU: 501LSL
    Sale Price $15.58 Regular Price $22.25
  7. RISE Solid Long Sleeve Rashguard

    SKU: 501LS
    Sale Price $15.58 - $22.25 Regular Price $22.25
  8. Dolfin Men's Rashguard

    SKU: 5200SLDG
  9. Dolfin Women's Rashguard

    SKU: 5100SLDG
  10. Kiefer 2 Tone Unisex Long Sleeve Rash Guard

    SKU: 900608
    Sale Price $14.98 Regular Price $29.95
  11. RISE Instructor Long Sleeve Crew Neck Rashguard

    SKU: 2604IN
  12. RISE Solid Short Sleeve Splice Rashguard

    SKU: 502SS
    Sale Price $14.70 Regular Price $13.00 - $20.50
  13. RISE Guard Short Sleeve Rashguard

    SKU: 501SSL
    Sale Price $9.75 Regular Price $13.10 - $19.50
  14. RISE Solid Short Sleeve Rashguard

    SKU: 501SS
    Sale Price $13.65 Regular Price $19.50
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Guard Rashguards 

Rashguards from The Lifeguard Store are the smart way to stay comfortable for your whole shift. Choose from short sleeve rashguards or long sleeve versions in many styles.

Why Choose a Lifeguard Swim Shirt?

A short or long sleeve rashguard helps you stay comfortable as you work by:

  • Reducing the risk of rashes: Rashguards offer an extra layer of protection between you and the sand, surf, boards, ocean debris and other common sources of rash. A suit can protect your skin and allow you to focus on safety.
  • Offering a layer of warmth: On hot days, a lifeguard swim shirt can keep cool breezes out or even add an extra layer between you and cold water. When the weather is too hot for a wetsuit or warmer clothing but you still need something to keep the chill away, a rashguard can be the right balance.
  • Adding an extra layer of sun protection: The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are a major concern for lifeguards and a main hazard of the job. Some rashguards from The Lifeguard Store have 50+ SPF, protecting your skin from dangerous UV exposure. You still need to slather on sunscreen every shift, but a rashguard offers extra insurance for keeping your skin healthy. 

Choosing Your Lifeguard Swim Shirt

If you’re looking for a rashie for your lifeguard duties, you’ll need to decide whether you want short sleeves or long sleeves. Look for a rashguard with quick-drying and lightweight material. The Lifeguard Store has rashguards consisting of four-way stretch Nylon/Lycra blends. These high-performance rashguards are chlorine-resistant and designed to be comfortable in the water and on land.

Performance is important, too. Look for a rashie that lets you move easily, sprint and even dive without you needing to remove it. Finally, search for a rashguard with a specific color or look you like. Today, many lifeguards also use their rashguard as a swimsuit coverup, so having a great look makes your rashie even more flexible for use around the pool or other water environments.

Why Buy Your Lifeguard Rashguard From The Lifeguard Store?

If you need a rashie for lifeguard duties, The Lifeguard Store has you covered. We stock rashguards from RISE Aquatics, a brand focusing on safety and comfort in any pool or natural water environment. Gear from RISE Aquatics is known to be made from quality materials.

The Lifeguard Store has plenty of rashguards in all sizes and colors, so you can choose your preferred selection with ease. That way, you’re covered for every shift and every type of weather, staying comfortable and more prepared every day at work.

The Lifeguard Store specializes in gear for lifeguards, so you can quickly compare all the best rashguards for your needs. We also offer fast shipping, great prices, a customer satisfaction guarantee and exceptional customer service. Our huge selection of rashguards lets you choose the performance and look you want. Be sure to check out our full selection of guard gear for your every need today.

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