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Bags & Backpacks

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  1. RISE Pro Team Backpack

    SKU: 7520088
    $10.87 - $37.00
  2. RISE Guard Mesh Equipment Bag

    SKU: 7520016G
  3. Standard Guard Hip Pack

    SKU: 710
  4. Aquapac 100% Waterproof Phone Case

    SKU: 369B
  5. Seal Rite Mask with Waterpark Guard Hip Pack Kit

    SKU: 710AWL120
  6. Lifeguard Red Hip Pack/Seal Rite Combo Kit

    SKU: 80910
  7. Premium Ultimate EMS Backpack

    SKU: 10-115-RED-PRE
  8. Fluid-Resistant Tarpaulin Rescue & Tactical EMS Bag

    SKU: 10-122-RED-TPN
  9. Kiefer Large Mesh Equipment Bag 18" X 30"

    SKU: 641808
  10. Emergency Equipment Bag

    SKU: 630001
  11. TYR Alliance 30L Backpack-Vegan Leather

  12. TYR Alliance 45L Team Carbon Backpack

  13. TYR Drawstring Backpack

    SKU: LPSO2
    $14.99 - $24.99
  14. Speedo Teamster 2.0 Backpack

    SKU: 7752025
    $85.00 - $95.00
  15. TYR Alliance 45L Backpack

    SKU: LATBP45
    $79.99 - $87.99
  16. TYR Alliance 30L Backpack

    SKU: LATBP30
    $69.99 - $77.99
  17. Kiefer Extra Large Mesh Bag 36" X 45"

    SKU: 641811
  18. Drain Rite Solid Hip Pack

    SKU: 710HS
  19. Drain Rite Guard Hip Pack

    SKU: 710HLS
  20. YMCA Adult/Infant Guard Hip Pack Kit

    SKU: 710Y127-W
  21. Seal Rite Mask with Guard Hip Pack Kit

    SKU: 710120
    $15.20 - $15.70
  22. Guard Red Waterpark Hip Pack/Pocket Mask Combo Kit

    SKU: 80912R

45 Items

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At The Lifeguard Store, we offer a wide selection of unique, durable lifeguard bags & duffel bags that are perfect for any lifeguard. Whether you own or manage a facility with lifeguards, we have the perfect bags for your team. Our lifeguard equipment throw bags and backpacks come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, so it’s easy to find pieces that fit your team’s needs. These bags are constructed of high-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting.

Types of Bags & Backpacks We Offer

  • Lifeguard Backpacks These unique lifeguard bags & duffel bags are designed to hold all the necessary equipment to ensure safety in the water. They feature several pockets and compartments suitable for keeping necessary supplies.
  • Lifeguard Bags Our lifeguard bags feature compartments, outer pockets, and waterproof material to keep all of the necessary and personal contents out of the water while ensuring your team has everything on hand they may need during a shift.
  • Lifeguard Hip Packs We also offer unique hip packs designed to carry essential lifesaving items, such as whistles, emergency radios, water, and more. These bags are typically worn around the waist and provide quick access to lifesaving equipment as well as items that need to be on the body of your staff.

Order Bags And Backpacks at The Lifeguard Store

Lifeguard bags and backpacks are essential items that may be overlooked when running a facility. The Lifeguard Store provides quality items that will allow your staff to keep necessary items, as well as personal items, on them, as well as keeping them dry. Check out our lifeguard bag & duffel bag selection for the most durable backpacks and lifeguard accessories today!

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