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  1. 2 ply Reversible Fabric Short Gaiter Mask

  2. 2 ply Reversible Fabric Mask with Ear Loops

  3. 2 ply Reversible Fabric Bandana Mask


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Lifeguard Face Masks 

Protective face masks offer a practical way to protect lifeguards against inhaling unwanted particles, including everything from germs to pool chemicals. This function makes them must-have additions for every lifeguard’s personal supply kit. 

At The Lifeguard Store, we offer several types of lifeguard face masks to suit individual needs and situations. Find the right mask for you, or order face masks for all the lifeguards at your pool, facility or water park. Buy affordable and reusable face masks today.

Comfortable Lifeguard Face Mask Solutions

When you wear a face mask while lifeguarding, you want it to fit comfortably and securely. Check out the different types of face masks you’ll find in our expansive inventory:


  • Bandanas: The bandana mask ties in the back and provides a protective layer of two-ply fabric across the face. You can adjust this mask by tightening or loosening it to fit the user’s preference. Plus, a bandana face mask can almost completely shield a lifeguard’s face from excessive sun exposure when paired with sunglasses and a hat.
  • Gaiters: Many lifeguards appreciate the ease of a gaiter mask, which sits around the neck so that they can pull it over the mouth and nose as needed. Gaiter masks may come in reversible styles, making it possible to have two fresh looks from one full-service mask. As a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE), a gaiter face mask is a terrific fit for just about anyone. 
  • Fabric masks with ear loops: Many masks on the market today are in this traditional style: The mask itself is an oval shape and features soft ear loops. However, our face masks have an added element of dependability with two layers of cloth. Get versatility and high-quality performance out of a single mask. 
  • Disposable cloth face masks: Sometimes, lifeguards need a non-medical grade, disposable face mask for one-time use. They may also want to have disposable face masks on hand to give to swimmers and other facility users who lose their masks or fail to bring one. Buy disposable, three-ply cloth masks in packs of 50 for ultimate convenience and cost-efficiency.
  • KN95 respirator masks: Registered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and featuring a European Conformity (CE) certification, KN95 respirator masks offer medical-grade protection against the transmission of unwanted aerosols. Thanks to powerful filtration, they enable lifeguards to breathe in about 95% fewer airborne particles. 


Order Lifeguard Face Masks and Other Lifeguarding Products

Regardless of which lifeguard products you need, you can find them at The Lifeguard Store. We stock up our virtual shelves so that you can find what you’re looking for, whether you need PPE gear or apparel. This inventory allows you to get all your shopping done quickly and on one site, saving you time and money.

Shop for lifeguard face masks and more items today. You can rely on our fast shipping, which is free if your order totals at least $75. Be sure to leave a review after receiving your lifeguard face mask to inform other customers about our terrific items.

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