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  1. RISE Guard Sweats

    SKU: 655
  2. RISE Guard Flex Waterpark Board Short

    SKU: LGS31GU
  3. RISE Female Comfy Short

    SKU: LGS44S
  4. TYR Classic Deck Short

    SKU: DKS5
  5. Kiefer Guard Essentials Unisex Tech Pant

    SKU: 919530
  6. Speedo Guard 14" Volley Short

    SKU: 7812103
  7. RISE Manager Flex Board Short

    SKU: LGS31MA
  8. RISE Supervisor Flex Board Short

    SKU: LGS31SU
  9. RISE Instructor Flex Board Short

    SKU: LGS31IN
  10. RISE Staff Flex Board Short

    SKU: LGS31ST

10 Items

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Male & Female Lifeguard Bottoms

Looking for high-quality male and female bottoms for you and your staff? The Lifeguard Store offers the best selection of gear at the most competitive prices. Buy lifeguard bottoms online to help complete your uniform and make your staff easily identified when guests have a question or need assistance. Our lifeguard shorts have superior durability and are made to withstand long days in the sun while being in and out of the water. For colder days, our male and female lifeguard bottoms and sweats will keep everyone warm!

Our collection of Male & Female lifeguard bottoms is perfect for any environment and can provide a superior level of performance you can trust. Our collection is used by guards at neighborhood pools, recreation centers, beaches, and more. Your team will appreciate the quality materials that provide comfort all year long.

Buy lifeguard bottoms online with The Lifeguard Store for the best gear at the most competitive prices. Our merchandise is made to last, and we offer a price match guarantee on all items. If you find a similar item at a lower price, we will price-match your purchase and refund the difference, ensuring you are getting the best deal from a store you can trust.

Shop our lifeguard bottoms today and find the trusted gear that will ensure your team is comfortable while watching over the waters!

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