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Locker Room

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  1. 4-Tier Steel Lockers

    SKU: 5352
  2. Ever-Ware Bathhouse Matting Tiles 1'x1'

    SKU: 16600
  3. Plastic Bench with Backrest

    SKU: 68.1606-1
  4. Flex Tred Colored Per Foot

    SKU: 600241
  5. 6-Tier Steel Lockers

    SKU: 5332
  6. 5-Tier Steel Lockers

    SKU: 5302
  7. 3-Tier Steel Lockers

    SKU: 5283
  8. Straight Plastic Lockers

    SKU: 1300-1
  9. Double Tier Steel Lockers

    SKU: 5242
  10. Powder coated Player Benches With Back

  11. Powder coated Player Benches

  12. Player Benches with Back

    SKU: PBB
  13. Player Benches

    SKU: PB
  14. Wall-Mounted Plastic Bench

    SKU: 68.1307-1
  15. Wide Plastic Bench

    SKU: 68.1506-1
  16. Standard Plastic Bench

    SKU: 68.1407-1
  17. High Traffic Matting

    SKU: 9992
  18. Lightweight Matting

    SKU: 8882
  19. Single Tier Steel Lockers

    SKU: 5002
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Locker Room

Locker room equipment from The Lifeguard store provides you with several options to help maintain a clean and functional area while ensuring a safe environment. With maintenance supplies, you can ensure your locker room is clean and ready for the hundreds of swimmers passing through. We offer shower curtains, hand dryers, flooring and benches, along with personal lockers, storage racks and grab bars.

A Wide Variety of Locker Room Essentials

For people who bring their babies to the pool for first-time lessons, diaper dispensers and baby changing stations are ideal. Instead of using trash cans and surfaces that other people utilize to get ready, baby items are perfect for decreasing odors and creating an area of privacy.

We even supply suit dryers which save people the hassle of putting a sopping suit in their bag. With a suit dryer, individual swimmers or families can dry their suits before packing up their gear. Special flooring in locker rooms can help prevent hazardous slips and falls, as well as for areas around the pool deck. Even when people walk, the floor is still slippery. With padded and gripped flooring, people can reduce their risk of hazardous falls.

Buy Pool Locker Room Equipment Online

The Lifeguard Store is the perfect place to purchase what you need for the locker room. We make the shopping process simple, and if you are looking for more equipment or swim gear, continue viewing our website for more options.