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  1. Speedo Swim Star Life Vest

    SKU: 87757015414
  2. Kiefer Advantage I Racing Lane Line

    SKU: 210326
  3. Swimstart 25' Cable for Extra Speaker

  4. SR Smith Multilift 2 Pool Lift-Gray Mist

    SKU: 580-0000-1
    $5,318.32 - $5,674.75
  5. ADA Easy Stair

    SKU: STR0012
  6. 6-Digit Slim Pace Clock

    SKU: SP-1600
  7. 4-Digit Slim Pace Clock

    SKU: SP-1400
  8. Custom Nylon Flag

    SKU: 600124
    $3.50 - $4.00
  9. Paragon Varsity Competitor

    SKU: 24001-24021-1
    $3,339.00 - $3,902.00
  10. Paragon Long Reach Track Start Competitor Rear Mount

    SKU: 24601-24621-1
    $6,215.00 - $6,901.00
  11. Paragon Track Start Competitor Side Step Full Height

    SKU: 231TSFH
    $4,856.00 - $5,606.00
  12. Paragon Florida Standard Paraflyte Full Height

    SKU: 22901-22909-1
    $3,201.00 - $3,453.00
  13. Paragon Long Reach Standard Competitor 20" - 29 1/2"

    SKU: 24401-24429-1
    $5,819.00 - $6,382.00
  14. Replacement Plastic Ladder Treads

    SKU: 44102-1
    $78.00 - $162.00
  15. Universal Water Polo Wall Goal

    SKU: AW0616-1
    $2,773.40 - $2,801.40
  16. Replacement Donut Float

    SKU: AW0520-1
  17. Ramuc Ultra Pro 2000 Rubber Base

    SKU: 97223
    $97.82 - $415.25
  18. Ramuc DS Water Based Acrylic

    SKU: 91013
    $97.82 - $443.64
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782 Items

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Be Equipped for Everything Your Swimming Facility Requires

Within our rescue equipment category, you will find items such as spinal equipment and rescue boards along with oxygen equipment and bag valves masks. When the safety of people is in your hands, you can never be too prepared. Our rescue equipment doesn’t stop at those few items, either. Click on the tab to learn more about the products we offer.

If you are a lifeguard on duty at a pool or an owner of a swimming pool facility, The Lifeguard Store stocks a wide variety of deck equipment — from slides and starting blocks to pool covers and assisted access for people who require extra support. You can shop by category, brand or price range. With about 850 items to choose from, your swimming facility deck will be equipped with the proper materials.

We even have locker room benches, suit dryers and flooring available. With people walking to and from the pool, they expect certain amenities to accommodate their wet swimsuits and other necessities. With the proper locker room equipment, people can change in a safe environment with extra conveniences.

The Lifeguard Shop also has an inventory of competitive swimming facility equipment. Whether a high school, collegiate or professional team uses your pool, it’s important to include racing lane lines, diving boards and timing equipment. With such items, teams can train and compete.

But who doesn’t like to have fun, too? For recreational use, we provide tubes and rafts, water games and toys, floats and water slides. While competition equipment is vital for swim teams or individual competitors, fun equipment is perfect for children and recreational swimmers of all ages.

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