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Pull Buoys

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  1. Speedo Junior Team Pull Buoy

    SKU: 7753025
  2. Speedo Team Pull Buoy

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  3. FINIS Axis Buoy

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  4. TYR Jr. Pull Float

  5. TYR Pull Float

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  6. RISE Training Pull Floats

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Pull Buoys

Trusted by everyone from recreational swimmers and elite triathletes, pull buoys are some of the most valuable pieces of swim equipment you can have among your training gear. Whether you’re a coach buying several pull kick buoys for practices or you want to advance your abilities with pull buoy swimming during your personal workouts, you’ll find what you need at The Lifeguard Store.

Order the highest-quality pull buoys from well-known aquatic gear manufacturers today. 

How Is a Pull Buoy Used?

If you’ve never used a pull buoy before, you’ll appreciate how quickly it can increase the power of your upper body. Pull kick buoys are meant to be held between the legs or ankles while swimming in the pool or open water. Because your legs remain in one position, your arms, shoulders and core must do all the work.

With regular training using a swim buoy, you’ll start to notice a big difference in your upper body and torso strength and confidence. When you’re serious about making improvements, incorporate pull buoy swimming into your regular training regimens. These are ideal tools for lifeguards who want to keep in shape and snag promotions to instructor levels.

Types of Pull Buoys at The Lifeguard Store

Like most of the gear and related merchandise we sell at The Lifeguard Store, our swim buoys come in a variety of types. Though they’re all designed to offer basic pull buoy benefits, they have distinct differences. Look out for the following:


  • Shape: Many pull buoys feature an hourglass shape that helps you keep it between your knees or ankles. However, some pull buoys are shaped like kickballs. Ankle pull buoys from TYR and FINIS may stay in place around the ankles using more of a cuff design.
  • Material: Pull buoys are made from comfortable, slightly soft materials. They’re rigid enough to hold their shape and provide resistance and drag, but they won’t chafe.
  • Size: Be sure to check out all the specifications and measurements when choosing a pull kick buoy. Some athletes prefer smaller buoys that require more effort to keep in place. Others like to have a few buoys in a variety of shapes and sizes to mix up their workouts. 

Buy Gear for Your Pull Buoy Swimming

Find the pull kick buoys and other items you need at The Lifeguard Store online. Trust our team to bring you quality swimming products year-round.