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Seal Rite is compatible with other brands valve/mask trainers

An Industry favorite, the Seal Rite Mask Kit features a cushioned resuscitation mask and one way valve. The cushioned mask allows for in-water rescue breathing and the one-way valve attaches to any bag valve mask.
  • FDA registered #3003197958
  • No Rx Needed
  • Bladder-like resuscitation mask.
  • Allows rescue breathing in and out of the water.
  • Includes 1 mask, 1 valve
  • The Seal Rite mask is translucent Red in color for easier identification on land and in water.
  • The Seal Rite has indented hand(thumb) placement on surface for use in training and emergency scenarios.
  • The bladder portion of the Seal Rite is more durable.
  • Also known as the "blob", the Seal Rite mask provides an incredible face-to-mask seal.
  • Can also be used for children and infants.
  • Transparent in color, making it easy to see any foreign materials or obstructions.
  • Unique and effective latex free CPR mask that has an industry standard diameter fitting, allowing it to be attached to a bag valve mask.

For more FDA information on the Seal Rite Mask and Big Easy Mask, click the product attachments tab.

Put Safety First With Seal Rite Rescue Masks    

Rescue masks provide needed assistance to lifeguards making a rescue in the water. They allow the lifeguard to offer immediate rescue breathing in the water. That ability to aid someone in distress as soon as possible could make a difference in their recovery. You want the best equipment to help your lifeguards with this important job. You need Seal Right mask kits.

You can use these masks both for training and rescue purposes. Your lifeguards may find it useful to engage in exercises ahead of time that prepare them to employ the mask. It fits comfortably in a hip pack as well, giving your lifeguards quick access to this necessary tool. Plus, the bright red color makes the Seal Rite masks easy to spot in the water. Putting safety first means investing in quality, and you get masks you can rely on in emergencies with Seal Rite.

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