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The lifeguard tube measures 40" long by 6" wide by 4" thick and is made of multiple layers of high viscosity vinyl, minimizing punctures and tears. The rounded edges also increase durability, and tapered ends reduce drag, making it easier to pull through the water. This lifeguard rescue tube features "GUARD" lettering on the front.

  • Tube is 40" in length.  66" heavy-duty towline
  • Waterproof, closed cell NBR foam construction to prevent mildew
  • Heavy-duty Vinyl exterior.  60% Rubber / 35% PVC / 5% Other

Durable strap through tube construction

  • Strap goes all the way through the tube
  • Provides the most secure attachment possible

Get Reliable 40” Standard Rescue Tubes for Your Pool           

Lifeguards need a lot of equipment to do their job well, and one piece above all should meet the highest standards for quality and durability. A lifeguard rescue tube can save lives. When a lifeguard uses it in the pool, they want to know it will provide the support and assistance the person in distress needs. The lifeguard doesn’t have time to worry about whether the rescue tube is in good condition or has the maximum buoyancy. They just want to know it will work.

Lifeguards can pull the 40-inch rescue tube through the water quickly and efficiently thanks to its smart design. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can get the one you want for your pool deck to match your whistles or uniforms. Your lifeguards will find the strap attachment easy to use. When seconds count and they need to deploy the strap quickly, they will appreciate its intuitive function. Buy these tubes today for your pool. 

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