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Child Vigilance Training Manikin Timmy provides effective pediatric water rescue training for lifeguards . When filled with water this manikin sinks to the bottom, not available with CPR capabilities.

  • Rescue Manikin Timmy is a full-body pediatric water rescue training manikin.
  • When filled with water, it sinks to the bottom.  Not offered with CPR capabilities.
  • Great for vigilance training!  Timmy is the size of a 3-year-old child
  • Approximate weight 10lbs, water-filled weight 20 lbs.  Latex Free

Learn Proper Rescue and Water Vigilance Techniques With Rescue Timmy

Every year, lifeguards rescue people of all ages from the water. The Rescue Timmy manikin has been created by Simulaids to look and feel like a toddler or small elementary-age child. Every detail on Rescue Timmy's body has been carefully considered. As a result, you and your fellow lifeguards can have an authentic understanding of what it feels like to provide water rescue to a small child.

What makes Rescue Timmy especially lifelike? The accurately sized body sinks when filled with water, as frequently happens when children take in water while swimming. Lifeguards can get the experience of diving into the pool, lake or ocean and retrieving Rescue Timmy, which is exactly what they would do if the situation were happening in real life.

Nothing comes closer to the real-world experience of saving someone's life than working with a manikin like Rescue Timmy. Order the Rescue Timmy manikin for your organization today.

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