Adult Water Rescue Manikin

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The Adult Water Rescue Manikin is realistic and an excellent top and bottom water rescue training device, adding the shock of realism to an otherwise routine practice procedure for lifeguards. This water rescue dummy includes 1 manikin and 5 replacement mouthpieces.

  • Constructed of durable plastic with rust-resistant skeleton and articulated joints.  Manikin is adult size, 5'5" tall.
  • When filled with water, the manikin will submerge to the neck. Submerged weight 140 lbs.To take it to the bottom, add 5-10 lbs. weight (not supplied - a dive brick works well).

Option: Add CPR capabilities to your manikin $304.00

Prepare to Save Lives With the Adult Water Rescue Manikin

Are you a lifeguard trainer or a lifeguard in training? Whether you’ll be on duty at the beach, a lake, or a private or public indoor or outdoor pool, lifeguarding is an incredibly important job — but it also takes a lot of training and preparation to be confident in your abilities to keep swimmers safe and come to their rescue. That’s why training with the right tools is essential for your real-life lifeguarding experience.

As a lifeguard, one of your most important duties is saving swimmers, so you need to be prepared to rescue anyone from a child to a fully grown adult when you dive into the water. Designed specifically to help lifeguards-in-training get used to water rescues, our full-size rescue training manikins will assist you or your trainees in your practice sessions.

With this adult water rescue manikin, you can become familiar with the urgency of water rescues, the techniques involved and the body weight you’ll be handling. These realistic, hands-on training sessions will make you more confident and better prepared when you’re on the stand. Order your water rescue manikin online today.

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