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Hip Pack Extension Strap

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This strap can be used to extend the strap on your hip pack.

Length: 12" Color: Black

Add Length With the Hip Pack Extension Strap

The job of a lifeguard calls for concentration and focus to ensure they can effectively monitor and protect the swimmers of your facility, so your comfort is of utmost importance. If there is a nagging problem, such as something that doesn't fit you properly, your attention may not be solely on scanning your zone. One item, in particular, that can cause discomfort is the hip pack. Especially when the pack is filled with important first aid tools, it can sit tight on the hip without the ability for adjustment.

With the hip pack extension strap, lifeguards may add length to their hip pack band for a looser fit. The straps adjust to the length a guard needs to feel comfortable during their shift. The extender adds 12 inches to the straps for any hip-width it may need to fit around. Stay comfortable on the job with the hip pack extender.

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