Finis Pulling Ankle Band

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Train for Your Personal Best With a Comfortable FINIS Pulling Ankle Band

The natural rubber FINIS Pulling Ankle Band holds your feet and ankles together to eliminate kicking and help you develop upper body strength.

  • Isolates upper body to increase arm workout.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a pull buoy.

Power Up Your Underwater Workouts With a FINIS Ankle Pull

Want to improve your strokes and strengthen your core to power more efficiently through the water? The pulling ankle band from FINIS helps you concentrate on abdominal and arm strength, endurance and overall proficiency. Simply place the one-size-fits-all ankle band around your ankles to stop yourself from kicking while you swim.

Ankle pulls offer a low-cost, highly effective way to encourage your body to overcome drag and improve stroke rhythms. Unlike other models of pulling ankle bands, the FINIS model has been designed to last for a long time and fit comfortably. Use it whenever you want to switch up your ordinary swim workout routine.

Whether you're a swimmer, coach or instructor, you'll reach for this ankle band over and over. Order FINIS products, including ankle bands, at The Lifeguard Store today.

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