Universal Head Immobilizer II

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RISE Aquatics

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  • Universal Head Immobilizer consists of closed-cell foam head supports with universal attachment base.Includes 2 padded head/chin straps.
  • Keep Victims Safer With a Head Immobilizer Unit

    When you suspect that a drowning or accident victim may have suffered a spinal injury, you need a dependable cranial immobilization device (CID). The Universal Health Immobilizer II from RISE Aquatics instantly straps to any type of backboard you have on hand. It's an essential piece of water safety equipment for lifeguards at any pool, waterpark, lake or ocean.

    Constructed of highly engineered foam, the head immobilizer provides comfortable support for the security and ease of injured or potentially injured children and adults who require CIDs. Each Universal Head Immobilizer II comes with two head and chin straps, each of which is suitably padded.

    Although you can't predict when an accident will happen, you can be prepared. Buy a head immobilizer today for ultimate peace of mind. Your lifeguards' quick action with the best devices could save someone from more serious spinal damage.

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