Land Shark SPF30 Sunscreen

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Ordering bulk sunscreen such as the Land Shark SPF30 One-Gallon dispenser is a great way to save money on sunscreen for your lifeguards or team. This unique biodegradable formula is ocean friendly.  This  formula is water-resistant, is 100% rub proof-product stays on skin and not on towels and chairs. Combine this gallon sunscreen with the Mounting Bracket for Gallon sunscreen (SKU: 104B) to make it easily accessible to staff.

  • Broad Sprectrum SPF 30 gallon sunscreen
  • On average less than 3% of either formula comes off skin during 80 minutes of being in the water.
  • Non-Toxic to Sealife
  • Obybenzone Free
  • 7.5nl pump included
  • PUMP DISPENSER PRODUCT NOTE: The pump is for convenience and dispenses most all of the product in the container. Similar to most cosmetic pump dispensers,
    there is a small amount left over that can be poured out and used.
  • Is it safe to transfer sunscreen to another bottle or container? All Land Shark bottles are made from FDA approved materials and are stability tested. By transferring
    sunscreen to a different bottle or container that has not been through stability testing may effect the efficacy of the sunscreen. Also, may cause micro contamination.
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