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These lightweight barbell water weights work wonders in the water for aquatic aerobics. By providing maximum buoyancy and resistance, the Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells increase the effectiveness of your upper body workout.      

High Quality Materials

  • Easy to carry and store for everyday use.
  • Water weights.
  • EVA foam.
  • Soft padded grips for extended workouts.
  • Barbells weigh 1lb 5oz each.
  • Measurements: 10.5" length x 6" width.

Get Fitter and Faster With Underwater Aqua Barbells

These Speedo aqua fitness barbells might be lightweight and soft-padded, weighing just over a pound, but they're ready to do some heavy-duty work in the water. One set of Speedo fitness barbells can offer the same resistance underwater as 45-pound barbells on land.

If you've wanted to take your aqua exercise and training to new levels, incorporate aquatic barbells into your workout regimen. They'll help sculpt your triceps, biceps, shoulders and forearms, giving you the improved upper body strength and flexibility you need to power through strokes and achieve personal records.

Designed to resist the harsh effects of exposure to chlorine, the Speedo aqua barbells hold up and travel well. Take them to your neighbor's backyard pool, your lake house or the ocean for some impromptu exercises. They're a must-have, low-cost piece of equipment that you'll wonder how you lived without. Buy Speedo water barbells today!

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