AquaJogger Active Belt

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Aquajogger Active Belt

The Aquajogger Active Belt ensures water reaches your shoulder level when you're in the pool. This belt helps you exercise in deep water while keeping your head above the surface, allowing you to focus on your form and breathe normally. Features include:

  • A quick-release buckle that lets you get in and out of the pool fast.
  • Closed-cell foam material, making the belt resistant to chlorine damage and quick-drying.
  • A non-elastic woven structure that provides a good fit while the patented contour engineering strengthens and supports the lower back.
  • Flexible foam that narrows at the waist so you can move freely and accommodates different body shapes.
  • Adjustable wear with the foam in front or with the belt upside down for your convenience.

Stay Fit With Aquajogger Active Belt

Water workouts are an excellent form of low-impact exercise, which can benefit everyone. The Aquajogger Belt allows you to jog in water for an easy-on-the-joints workout. This belt encourages you to use your abdominal muscles to stay upright, so you tone your abdominal area while in the water.

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