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Improving your swimming ability helps you become a stronger lifeguard and all-around athlete. When you want to build muscle and improve endurance, reach for a Stretchcordz drag belt.

Drag belts are a mainstay for swimmers and lifeguards who want to stay fit. Keep challenging yourself and improving your skills with this must-have tool.

Top Features of the Stretchcordz Drag Belt

Customers rave about their Stretchcordz drag belts from The Lifeguard Store because they come with:

  • Versatile options: Order any of the four resistance levels available for continuous improvement. The size listed refers to the width of each belt's fabric drag chute.
  • Tons of training possibilities: Drag belt swimming allows you to get creative. Clip additional drag devices like plastic buckets, old clothing and water chutes to the tow tether to vary your swimming drills.
  • One-size-fits-most design: These drag belts fit waists between 24 inches and 42 inches.

Buy a Strechcordz Drag Belt/Tow Tether for yourself, or order several for your team today.

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