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RISE Deluxe Fitness Bells

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RISE Aquatics

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Strengthen your upper body while building endurance with these Fitness Bar Bells from RISE Aquatics. These barbells are perfect for all kinds of aquatic range-of-motion exercises that will increase your flexibility while strengthening the muscles in your upper back, abdomen, and upper extremities.

  • Soft foam covered handles reduces white knuckle effect.
  • Durable, won't chip or absorb water.
  • Sold as a set (two bars).

Ressistance Levels:

  • Minimum (40% Resistance - Teal) — 6 inches around x 2 inches long
  • Soft (50% Resistance - Yellow/Teal) — 6 inches around x 2.5 inches long
  • Medium (60% Resistance - Yellow) — 6 inches around x 3 inches long
  • Maximum (80% Resistance - Blue) — 6 inches around x 4 inches long
  • Ultra (99% Resistance - Blue/Yellow) — 6 inches around x 5 inches long

Increase Strength and Flexibility With Aquatic Fitness Bells              

If you want to improve your fitness, you can’t beat water workouts. The resistance of the water offers a natural enhancement to any workout. The RISE Deluxe Fitness Bells make a great complement to any pool’s collection of fitness equipment. These aquatics dumbbells are geared to exercisers of any age, perfect for a water aerobics class or a competitive swimming conditioning drill.

Each dumbbell is sturdy and will stand up to repeated usage. You can order a range of resistance levels to suit your swimmers’ needs. They come in different sizes and colors that correspond to their resistance, so you can keep track of who needs what type of gear. RISE Aquatics has a well-earned reputation for making outstanding products, and these fitness bells back that up. Order them today for your pool, and your customers will appreciate your dedication to quality.

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