Rise Aquatics Dive Brick

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RISE Aquatics

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  • 3" x 9"
  • 10 Pounds

Use the Rise Aquatics Dive Brick in Your Lifeguard Training

Most commonly, lifeguards in training use diving bricks to represent a drowning victim at the bottom of the pool. As part of a test, the lifeguard must dive to the bottom, retrieve the brick and swim to safety holding the brick. To be certified, the lifeguard has to complete the test in a certain amount of time. Additionally, although trainers reserve them for the certification test in most cases, swim dive bricks also have other uses in rescue training like technical drills and quick-thinking challenges.

The Rise Aquatics Dive Brick provides a compact size, making it the perfect tool to implement into lifeguard staff training. At 10 pounds, it tests guards well for their ability to carry a potential drowning victim to the side of the pool. Use diving bricks in staff training to make guards the best they can be.

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