Prestan Family Pack- 2 Adult, 1 Child and 2 Infant Manikins with Rate Monitor

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PRESTAN Family Pack

The PRESTAN Professional Family Pack (PP-FM-500M-MS) meets the American Red Cross and American Heart Association's requirements for CPR feedback devices. The Family Pack has one child manikin, two adult manikins and two infant manikins. This kit also has 20 adult lung bags/face shields, 10 child lung bags/face shields and 20 infant lung bags/face shields, a carry bag and instructions.

Everything you need for CPR practice and training is in this family pack. These devices provide visual and audio data for compression rate and depth to give instructors and students real-time feedback. Get effective emergency training and practice with these features:

  • An audible click indicates when you read the correct compression rate.
  • A green light indicates when the compression rate is correct.
  • Easy to understand and realistic manikins in true-life child, infant and adult sizes.  
  • Feedback is in the manikin, eliminating the need for instructor feedback or cords from additional devices. 

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At the pool, CPR is the most crucial life-saving skill most lifeguards have. Be prepared for any emergency and keep your CPR skills sharp with a PRESTAN Professional Family Pack today.

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