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Poolside Boxes

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96"W x 22"D x24-1/4"H

Fiberblass storage bins are ideal for removing the clutter from your pool deck. Units are made from heavy duty white fiberglass with stainless steel hinges and lockable bronze latches.


Keep All Your Items Safe With Pool Storage Containers

Clutter on the pool deck doesn’t just look unsightly. It can also be a hazard to swimmers. If you leave life preservers, buoys or other pool essentials lying around, people can trip over them. Life guards have enough to pay attention to while watching over those in the pool, so the last thing they need to worry about is a hazard outside the pool. What’s the solution? Buy poolside boxes to corral all your supplies when they aren’t in use.

In addition to keeping your pool safe, these containers will increase the longevity of the items you store, too. When you invest in storage boxes, they ensure the pieces inside are not exposed to the elements, such as sun and rain, which can damage or even destroy many pool supplies. For the safety of your swimmers and the long-term survival of your supplies, buy a poolside box for the storage you need. 

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