Simulaids Obese Mature Choker Manikin

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The Obese Mature Choking Manikin allows practice of the abdominal thrust, chest thrust, and back blow procedures. This choking manikin includes 1 manikin and carrying case.

  • Simulaids' Obese Mature Choker is the perfect manikin to train rescuers for situations when they can't place their arms around the circumference of a choking adult.
  • This manikin teaches proper placement, effective abdominal thrust, and protocols for working with pregnant or heavier victims of airway obstruction.
  • Anatomical features are limited, just as in overweight adults.  The navel is present; however the rib cage remains hidden by the excess fatty tissue over the abdomen and pectorals, or as is the case with advanced pregnancy, the swollen abdomen and breasts.
  • Perform the procedure correctly and this Obese Mature Choker functions by expelling the obstruction.
  • Soft carry bag included.
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