RISE Bungee Goggle Straps

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Why buy new goggles just because your current straps have broken or started to come loose due to normal wear and tear? The RISE Bungee Goggle Straps promise security and allow you to continue wearing your favorite goggles comfortably.

Just remove the old goggle straps and replace them with one of these vibrantly colored items. They're easily adjustable to fit both kids' and adults' faces. Plus, they stay put after you've moved the high-quality bungee clip into position.

Get more life out of every pair of goggles and reduce the worry that your goggles will suddenly start to leak just as you're getting into a record-breaking pace. Whether you like to compete in triathlons and swim meets or play in the pool or ocean, you'll appreciate the peace of mind these swim goggle straps give you every time you get in the water.

Buy swim goggle straps today in fun, bright hues.