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The Fox 40 Classic whistle has set the industry standard for its intense tone that can cut through noise over long distances. This lifeguard whistle is compact, with a smaller mouthpiece. Fox 40 lifeguard whistles are made with no moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate.

  • 3-chamber pealess design.  Sound power: 109dB 
  • The Fox 40 Mini whistle is a smaller, more compact, and shriller version of the Classic Whistle
  • Wet or dry, this dependable, durable lifeguard whistle provides unmatched safety
  • The Fox 40 has no pea to collect dirt and bacteria

Grab Swimmers’ Attention With a Mini Fox 40 Safety Whistle

An effective lifeguard whistle makes people take notice. It needs a strong trill and strong sound power. A shrill whistle will halt whatever activity someone is engaged in, pulling their eyes to the whistleblower for further instruction. Lifeguards’ jobs depend on quickly and efficiently getting swimmers to obey commands, and with this whistle, you won’t have any problems with that task.

The Fox 40 Mini Whistle comes in a variety of colors to match any style and design of uniform. You can also get different colors for different lifeguards so they know which whistle is theirs. Best of all, without the pea that many whistles contain, this one will stay cleaner and dry more quickly, leading to fewer concerns about bacteria. 

Good lifeguards need great equipment to help them do their jobs. You can count on the high-quality Fox 40 Mini to perform well under any conditions.

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